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The Customer - 15Five

With LeadIQ our ramp time per new sales hire has gone from 3 months to 2 months, which has allowed us to grow aggressively and hit our targets.
Allison Sigmon, SDR Manager

15Five is a leading continuous performance management solution that not only guides employee growth and development, but empowers people to become their best selves. Over 2,000 companies use their software which includes strategic weekly check-ins, OKR tracking, recognition, and 360° reviews.

Allison Sigmon manages the Sales Development team at 15Five. She joined two years ago as an Account Executive; today she continues to support the company’s revenue goals as an SDR Manager using LeadIQ.

15Five recently raised a Series B to continue to build out the foundation of its core product.

The Challenge — A tool that would serve their entire market

As 15Five starts to focus its sales efforts on enterprise-sized organizations they needed a prospecting solution that was flexible enough to give them the workflow they desired, while also allowing them to focus on making meaningful connections with prospects.

With a self-service SaaS model and outbound teams that are prospecting to 500+ employee count organizations the team needed a tool that would also serve the entire market. Some other solutions they explored didn’t have the same capabilities of sending contacts to Outreach for email and Salesforce for CRM.

The Solution — A flexible prospecting solution with all the required workflows of a growing sales team

The 15Five sales team often prospects from social signals on LinkedIn. They will find relevant conversations, and then push contacts directly from LinkedIn to Salesforce and Outreach. This gives reps the ability to have quality-conversations with meaningful prospects, and also an efficient process to send contacts to other tools in their tech stack.

With LeadIQ they also get high-quality, accurate contact-level information, and premium data- such as direct-dial phone numbers, so their team can focus on having good, strong conversations with prospects.

LeadIQ gives us a multiplier effect when prospecting, we can use 1 social signal and turn ​that into 4-10 contacts to prospect. We want our sales team to be making a human-to-human connection with prospects. LeadIQ has made this possible.
Allison Sigmon, SDR Manager

The Results — 100% growth year-over-year

By using LeadIQ the sales team can now scale by decreasing their ramp time for new hires. Prior to LeadIQ​,​ onboarding would take a month before a rep was ramped to start making calls, now they are ready in a few days. As a result, the 15Five sales team has grown from a team of four to 19 SDRs in two years.

The 15Five sales organization has become highly efficient with its current tech stack, and the workflows that LeadIQ provides, making its fast-growth possible.

Through the implementation of a direct sales model and using LeadIQ, 15Five is close to doubling its year-over-year growth goals.

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