By: Cheyanne Ritz

We know content helps with prospecting. Case studies – great. Video – even better. Blog posts like this one, super okay. But how do you usually find the right thing to send or talk about when you are about to send an email or make a call? When you get that prospect list from LeadIQ, well, what do you say to them?

Something like 40+ hours a month are spent by sales reps looking for content. Does that sound familiar? Oh, no. How can we bring that number down so you are spending more time on what you do best – core selling?


We all have been there. Using case studies for content.

We all have been there. Using case studies for content.

We took a look at a huge number of engagements by prospects and shares of content by sales reps like you. How many? The number is pretty big.

1 Million Content Engagements & Shares

Our research revealed some useful things about what kind of content you can share and when. There are two ways of looking at what content is popular – by prospect profile, and by content types.

By Prospect Profile


The top content type that prospects from companies in the technology industry want was white papers. For prospects in non-technology companies, it was implementation guides. Videos are also 50% more likely to be viewed by prospects in non-technology industries, while technology companies were about 60% more likely to use buyer’s guides.

Junior-level Versus Senior-level

Top content for junior-level prospects was a dead heat between presentations and implementation guides, while datasheets and implementation guides tied for popularity with senior-level prospects. Junior-level prospects prefer infographics 2X more than their senior-level peers.

By Content Types


We found that while sales reps were likely to share video mostly during the early stage of the sales process, which is effective, video is a late stage winner for engaging prospects too. What videos do you have available to share that explain the business case you need to lay out at the late stage? Do you need more of this kind of video content?


LeadIQ videos in emails using Vidyard.


Don’t underestimate datasheets. They are a given, but our research showed they are effective! Bottom line: Prospects need these to build their business case.

Third-party Content

While we found sales reps are much more likely to share third-party content at the early stage, prospects are far more likely to actually look at it in the late stage. Consider using that third-party content (that lends you credibility from another source) in a later stage for better prospect engagement.

I Can’t Find Any Content!

Are you hunting for content, or creating your own? You need to get enabled. Sales enablement tools & technology push content to where you work – in the CRM on the contact record or account record, or right in your email where you spend lots of time crafting messages to prospects.

Sales enablement is predictive, so it knows which content will work in whatever sales scenario you are in with a given prospect. Not sure what you need? Get started with this ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Sales Enablement.

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Cheyanne Ritz

I am a writer with 10 years of professional experience. I get to say that I love what I do, because I love to write. Being able to write something well that works for its intended audience is satisfying for me. I pride myself on being able to write uncommonly fast while designing the text for organization and flow. I am remarkably talented at editing what I write, so the end result needs very little review or major re-structuring.