By: Ryan O’Hara

Back in April 2017, Cole Fox and I went to AA-ISP’s amazing conference, the Leadership Summit in Chicago. The conference was a huge success for LeadIQ considering the pipeline we generated, conversations we had, and most importantly, great relationships we started.

Rather than horde the info we learned,  and reek the rewards, we thought we’d share how we managed to get all our sales development reps to hit quota just prospecting this one event.

Do you ever work events and feel like no one ever responds? Do you ever go to an event and feel like it’s a waste of time?

With the help of our friends at the AA-ISP and CirrusInsight, we’re going to show you how we get the most pipeline out of events on July 13.

Here are the details:

Webinar: How To Build New Pipeline With Event-Based Prospecting

July 13th, 2017

2:00pm EST/EDT

These days, sponsoring and prospecting for events can be hit or miss. Whether you are a prospector trying to book meetings for your sales team, a sales manager trying to get the most out of his or her team, or just an attendee, we’ll dive deep into a discussion of how to build up the most pipeline using events.

• Picking the right event for your sales team
• Why some events fail
• How to set up meetings with attendees before the event
• Best practices during the event
• Follow-up methods for after the event
• Secrets to throwing your own event

Moderated by Sue Fernand, VP of Channel Sales at Cirrus Insight

Panel of experts:
• Bob Perkins, Founder of the AA-ISP
• James Buckley, Director of Business Development at Cirrus Insight
• Cole Fox, Director of Sales at LeadIQ
• Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth/Marketing at LeadIQ

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Ryan O'Hara

Ryan O'Hara has been an early employee at several startups helping them with marketing and prospecting tactics, including Dyn who was acquired by Oracle for $600+ million in 2016. He's had prospecting campaigns featured in Fortune, Mashable, and TheNextWeb. Ryan specializes in branding, business development, prospecting, and coaching people on how to make good digital first impressions. He also mentors two accelerators, The Iron Yard and The Alpha Loft, and hosts The Prospecting Podcast.