By: Jim Morris

Brace yourself for the next evolution of LeadIQ!

Evolution is usually slow. But every so often it takes a big leap forward. Behold! The new LeadIQ. Let’s take a look at three cool new features that we think you’re going to like.

#1. See emails BEFORE CAPTURING!

In the old LeadIQ, you had to visit the web application and view your lists to see the contact information LeadIQ found.

New Extension Contact Info

Now you don’t have to capture prospects to see their emails. You’ll see emails sourced from our community appear automatically right in the extension.

#2. Salesforce features right in the extension!

Now you can associate your prospect with a Salesforce account right from the capture tool.


Just start typing the account name for your prospect and we’ll do a live Salesforce lookup to help you find the correct one and avoid duplicates. Or create a new account!

#3. Account-based prospecting with 1 click!

Now you can click a prospect’s company name in the extension to instantly see all of our verified emails from that account.

Account Based Prospecting, right in the extension

So how do I upgrade?

All you have to do is right click the extension icon in the top right and select “Use the new LeadIQ” and then launch the extension as normal.


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Jim Morris

Jim Morris runs Customer Success and Support at LeadIQ. If you ever need anything, just shoot an email over to