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Your sales reps will reach the right prospects faster with LeadIQ. Management loves the transparency of our dashboard.

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Over 10,000+ industry professionals use LeadIQ as their sales sidekick.

Saves massive amounts of time and is easy to use

Best prospecting tool in the WORLD

Can't recommend enough

First-class prospecting tool

Great resource with connectivity between Salesforce and other applications

Improve Sales Velocity

Prospect while you browse LinkedIn or any other site. When you've found your desired lead, one button sends their contact info to all of your favorite sales tools. We integrate with Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and many more.

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Transparency For Management

Our dashboard allows managers a bird's eye view of their team's prospecting. Review performance by quantity or location. Connect the dots between prospecting and closed deals.

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Your Leads. Everywhere You Want Them. With One Click.

No matter what sales software you use, we believe your leads should get there in one click. That's why we're constantly working to integrate with other sales softwares. We don't believe you should copy data from one system to another - ever.

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