Global Expansion THISBOWL FISHBOWL has expanded overseas with the launch of their first restaurant in New York City in 2024. This international presence opens up new sales opportunities in a prominent food market, providing a platform for growth and brand recognition.

Technology Utilization Utilizing a tech stack that includes Google Analytics, Swiper, and Facebook among others, THISBOWL FISHBOWL shows a commitment to leveraging technology for operations and marketing. Sales professionals can explore partnerships or services to enhance the company's technological capabilities further.

Market Positioning With a focus on changing fast food culture and promoting healthier dining options, THISBOWL FISHBOWL distinguishes itself in the competitive food and beverage industry. Sales representatives can highlight these unique selling points to attract health-conscious consumers and businesses looking to align with ethical brands.

Recent Product Launch The launch of Street Food by Fishbowl, offering affordable protein and rice combos, presents a prime opportunity for sales engagement. Sales professionals can capitalize on promoting this new product line to existing customers and target new markets, positioning it as a cost-effective yet quality dining option.

Employee Engagement With a growing team of 501-1000 employees and continual recruitment efforts, THISBOWL FISHBOWL showcases a focus on human resources and talent development. Sales representatives can explore corporate catering opportunities or employee wellness programs to engage with the company's workforce and establish long-term partnerships.


THISBOWL FISHBOWL uses 8 technology products and services including Facebook Pixel, Mapbox GL JS, Mautic, and more. Explore THISBOWL FISHBOWL's tech stack below.

  • Facebook Pixel
  • Mapbox GL JS
  • Mautic
    Marketing Automation
  • Klaviyo
    Marketing Automation
  • PHP
    Programming Languages
  • Tailwind CSS
    UI Frameworks
  • Apache
    Web Servers
  • Facebook

THISBOWL FISHBOWL's Email Address Formats

THISBOWL FISHBOWL uses at least 2 format(s):
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is THISBOWL FISHBOWL's headquarters located?

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THISBOWL FISHBOWL's main headquarters is located at NSW AU. The company has employees across 5 continents, including OceaniaNorth AmericaEurope.

What is THISBOWL FISHBOWL's official website and social media links?

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THISBOWL FISHBOWL's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.


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THISBOWL FISHBOWL's NAICS code is 722 - Food Services and Drinking Places.

How many employees does THISBOWL FISHBOWL have currently?

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As of June 2024, THISBOWL FISHBOWL has approximately 170 employees across 5 continents, including OceaniaNorth AmericaEurope. Key team members include Chief Executive Officer: A. O.Chief Operating Officer: L. D.Chief People Officer: C. P.. Explore THISBOWL FISHBOWL's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does THISBOWL FISHBOWL belong to?

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THISBOWL FISHBOWL operates in the Food and Beverage Services industry.

What technology does THISBOWL FISHBOWL use?

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THISBOWL FISHBOWL's tech stack includes Facebook PixelMapbox GL JSMauticKlaviyoPHPTailwind CSSApacheFacebook.

What is THISBOWL FISHBOWL's email format?

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THISBOWL FISHBOWL's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more THISBOWL FISHBOWL email formats with LeadIQ.

When was THISBOWL FISHBOWL founded?

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THISBOWL FISHBOWL was founded in 2016.


Food and Beverage ServicesNew South Wales, Australia501-1000 Employees

FISHBOWL was founded in 2016 with a simple goal - change fast food, change the culture. Specialising in made to order salads with an Asian-inspired twist, we sought to become a platform that could empower people to make healthier decisions by turning salads into a lifestyle. We’re changing the idea that fast, accessible and affordable food comes at the expense of authenticity, nutrition and environmental responsibility.
Now with 45 stores across Australia (and counting), we are always looking for great people to join our team in stores, operations, and head office. If you want to play a part in changing the culture, get in touch with us: 

In 2024, we launched our first overseas restaurant in NoHo, New York City, THISBOWL. We're building an exceptional team and if you want to be part, contact us at:

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722 - Food Services and Drinking Places

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Section iconFunding & Financials

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