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The Customer - Cien

LeadIQ provides a high degree of certainty in the quality of contact information within our target account.
Damien Acheson, Head of Marketing

Cien is a Dallas based software company that helps sales leaders around the world get their teams to 100% quota attainment. Using 100+ AI models, Cien’s app tracks key selling attributes such as a rep’s closing ability, product knowledge, engagement skills, work ethic and more. For a free AI-based assessment of your sales team, visit www.cien.ai.

What led you to consider LeadIQ?

Our sales team was spending a lot of time looking for relevant contact information and phone numbers. This was costing us thousands of dollars in lost productivity. So we turned to LeadIQ to automate this workflow.
Damien Acheson, Head of Marketing

Building a cohesive sales and marketing machine is essential when scaling a company. As Cien’s sales team grew, we looked at ways to improve the speed and quality of our prospecting activities.

We needed a new way to identify our target buyers as we scaled our outbound efforts. Our email deliverability and phone coverage were relatively poor as a result of using a stitch up of rudimentary solutions for obtaining email addresses and telephone numbers. So we turned to LeadIQ to help us.

The Solution - a robust lead generation tool that is easy to use, and saves time

Cien’s marketing team identifies and enriches a list of target accounts for a high degree of fit using a number of market intelligence tools. We are able to take note of the key buyers in each of those accounts and add them to campaigns in Salesforce and Pardot and cadences in Salesloft. To support these efforts, we use Sales Navigator and LeadIQ in conjunction.

Because Cien targets B2B sales leaders who typically have a relatively low tenure, a number of our contacts change jobs regularly. LeadIQ was indispensable in alerting us of job changes and made it easy for reps to update contact information in a timely manner.

Lead IQ provides great value, has a strong feature set, and excellent customer support.
Damien Acheson, Head of Marketing

The Results - Tripled Pipeline Generation

LeadIQ has saved us a lot of time. It also helped improve the quality of our CRM data by keeping consistent information and minimizing duplicates. In Cien’s app, machine learning and natural language processing are used to track the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of a rep’s CRM updating behavior. LeadIQ’s effectiveness was validated when we noticed a significant uptick in the data accuracy and completeness scores of our reps through Cien’s technology.

LeadIQ’s user experience and workflow are focused on maximizing productivity. LeadIQ is also flexible in that it works well with Salesloft, Outreach and Salesforce. A high degree of certainty in the quality of the contact information within Cien’s target accounts resulted in 3.5x increase in pipeline generation, 26% improved email deliverability and 17% higher phone number coverage on Cien’s target accounts.

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