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How LeadIQ helped Credly grow its sales team with a scalable prospecting solution

At Credly I was tasked with building a sales development team from the ground up. It was challenging because we had to identify our ideal customer profiles within our target markets, and this required extensive testing with different employee titles.. With LeadIQ we were able to create thoughtful prospecting lists, which in turn allowed me to hire and scale our SDR team and quickly generate results..
Glenn Rothwell, Manager Sales Development

The Challenge — Growing a sales team

Glenn was the first sales development hire at Credly. He had to prospect for new business while also building an SDR team. Glenn used a lot of data tools in the past but what stood out about LeadIQ was the caliber of the team during the sales demo and onboarding process, as well as the ease of use of the tool.

As the primary evaluator, Glenn, along with his VP of Sales and Manager of Sales Operations, began the search for a sales intelligence tool that would help kickstart their company into growth mode. Glenn wanted a tool that would scale with their organization, while also providing high quality data within their primary markets

The Solution — A sales intelligence tool that flexed with their needs

Impressed by the team at LeadIQ, Glenn reached out for a demo. They needed a platform that was easy to use, GDPR compliant, and had superior data-quality. They evaluated other solutions but found LeadIQ to be optimal for their sales team because:‍

  1. Easy to use workflows and integrations
  2. High-quality direct dial phone numbers
  3. Intuitive Interface and web app
  4. Intuitive Interface and web app

As a startup they were testing and iterating their sales process, and using LeadIQ filters allowed them to run sequences and campaigns to multiple market segments. The team wanted to run some tests to better understand what resonated with prospective customers. In the first few months of using LeadIQ the team had high data usage on a per rep basis. They actually ran out of credits because they were testing so much.

Every new sales hire started out using LeadIQ to learn prospecting and outbound talk tracks. Their team is now divided into Inbound/Outbound SDRs, and Account Executives. However, in the early days LeadIQ helped everyone to sell more, with greater efficiency.

At the end of the day I think data quality probably is most important. If the product is really easy to use but all the emails are bouncing or the phone numbers aren't working, it's not going to be a good solution..
Glenn Rothwell, Manager Sales Development

The Result — $1.3MM in new outbound business pipeline

As a direct result of LeadIQ’s incredible data quality, specifically the cell numbers, Glenn was able to generate opportunities with Director or VP-level contacts at three Fortune-500 software companies in the first week alone.

In the first full business quarter of using LeadIQ, Glenn and his first SDR hire were able to generate over $1.3MM in new outbound business pipeline using the data LeadIQ provided.

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