Imagine as you browse the web if in one click you could see which prospects are in Salesforce, then import the ones that aren’t with full detailed contact info. The dream is real. Produce more sales with less work, and bring in your next dream customer.

Focus on the human side of prospecting.

Prospecting is hard. Of all the positions in business, no one faces more rejection than Sales Development Reps. With prospecting teams trying to reach as many targeted accounts as possible in a day, an SDR’s day is most valuable focusing on actually writing emails, cold calling, and social selling. Most SDRs only spend one third of their day actually selling.

LeadIQ saves SDRs hours a day by automating manual steps SDRs have to take today. Manual things like guessing contact information, putting new prospects into Salesforce, and even adding prospects to other prospecting platforms can all be automated with LeadIQ.