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How Showpad Leveraged LeadIQ to Boost The Accuracy, Efficiency, and Volume of its Prospecting Efforts

"LeadIQ has been a gamechanger for us. We’ve been able to get into more top-of-the-funnel conversations while driving a more cohesive prospecting strategy."
Jeff Poczatek
RVP of Commercial Sales, Showpad
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Showpad brings buyers and sellers together to make the experience of purchasing products or services more valuable, convenient and consistent. Thousands of customers like  Clear Channel, GE Healthcare, Fujifilm and Xerox rely on Showpad’s revenue enablement platform to deliver modern buying experiences in more than 50 countries.

Why Showpad Needed to Enhance Its Prospecting Efforts

As a sales enablement platform provider, Showpad knows better than most the importance of accurate, effective, and efficient prospecting efforts. The company realized that embracing a high velocity prospecting approach meant making updates to its current outreach. More specifically, Showpad found that employees struggled to quickly and efficiently add prospects from LinkedIn Sales Navigator into their CRM and sales engagement tools. Relying on a manual data entry process for adding prospects to relevant sequences ate up valuable employee time, hindering their ability to adeptly maneuver sales activities.

Meanwhile, employees also found that some of the information they captured was inaccurate. Showpad relies on data-driven insights to find accounts, meaning that its employees invest considerable time and energy in determining an account’s intent before reaching out. Showpad employees found that putting forth effort to determine the right account to contact, only to receive a bounced email due to inaccurate contact information, was both frustrating and counterproductive.

Showpad knew that in order to truly own its goal of high velocity prospecting, it needed to find a tool that would:

  • Easily find prospect contact information and move it into the CRM;
  • Support multithreaded outreach to multiple departments within a single entity;
  • Provide a reliable source of contact information for target accounts.


A slow existing process for identifying, sourcing, and capturing prospect information into CRM and sales engagement tools.



Implement LeadIQ to provide a quick and reliable method for locating prospect contact information and inserting their information into a sequence.



Higher number of accounts located and deals won as a result of better data and more efficient prospecting methods.

An Intuitive Interface with Superior Results

When looking for solutions to increase the speed, accuracy, and efficacy of its sales outreach, Showpad knew that any tool it chose needed to be easy to onboard and easy to use. LeadIQ’s clean and intuitive interface resonated with Showpad, since it allows users to immediately understand and start using the tool, with little to no training required. In addition to its easy implementation, LeadIQ’s seamless integration with Outreach and Salesforce—Showpad’s two core platforms—signaled a further ease of use for both end users and administrators. These qualities made Showpad feel secure that its sales teams could begin using LeadIQ to enhance their prospecting efforts without missing a beat in their busy schedules.

Showpad Rolled Out LeadIQ for Fast, Effective, and Accurate Prospecting

Showpad introduced the tool to its entire sales team, who found the necessary integrations readily available and easy to configure. This ease of use resulted confident usage of LeadIQ within a matter of days. The tool’s administrators, meanwhile, were able to set up limitations for end users that guaranteed that the integrity of available data remained uncompromised, primarily because of LeadIQ’s ability to block users from entering duplicates in the company’s CRM.

Fast results dovetailed with LeadIQ’s rapid deployment. Showpad saw an enormous uptick in the number of prospects being added to sequences each day, as users no longer struggled to find accurate contact details for the key personas. Email bounce rates decreased, while reply rates and the number of connected calls rose. As a result of the enhanced workflow enabled by LeadIQ, Showpad’s employees found the pace of their prospecting efforts quicken, allowing them to reach more people on any given day. No longer did Showpad’s employees click through multiple sites in order to find accurate contact data and add it to their database. LeadIQ’s chrome extension allowed users to locate contact data and upload it, fast.

Although LeadIQ had already proved its value to Showpad as a powerful solution for increasing prospect efforts, the company found the tool more valuable than ever when COVID-19 took prospects worldwide away from their desks and into home offices. In that highly challenging time, Showpad employees continued to rely upon LeadIQ’s ability to find accurate contact information for prospects. Using LeadIQ, Showpad was able to book an additional 285 meetings, leading to 1.2M in won bookings—all while continuing to successfully adapt to the new era of remote work.

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