Experience how LeadIQ boosts prospecting efficiently.

Unlock and capture verified prospect data right into your outbound tools while you browse LinkedIn. Start turning your searches into pipeline today.

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Prospecting Doesn’t
Have to Suck

LeadIQ’s chrome extension simplifies your prospecting workflow and eliminates busy work, so you can put more time and effort into blowing your numbers out of the water.

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210% Quota w/ LeadIQ 🔥

I love everything about LeadIQ. Not only do they have a solid team that is very friendly and helpful, but their product is AMAZING!

David Dember, Team Lead - Enterprise Sales Development at Sendoso headshot on yellow background
David Dember

Team Lead - Enterprise Sales Development,
G2 Crowd

I’ve used it all and always come back to LeadIQ.

LeadIQ is one of the best lead capture user experiences on the market. I've used 6 different leadcap tools in my sales career, and the increase to speed / efficiency is the #1 reason.

Cooper W

Business Development Representative,
G2 Crowd

Life Saver for a SDR

LeadIQ has the most intuitive UI I have ever worked with. Lusha, Hunter.io, everything else feels way too bloated.

Circle frame headshot of Guilherme M.
Guilherme M

Account Executive, G2 Crowd

Use LeadiQ Everyday, couldn't do my job
without it!

Fantastic and simple. Everything you need in an easy-to-understand pop-out window. Our team saves massive amounts of time in our search for leads thanks to LeadiQ. HIGHLY RECOMEND.

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Benji B

Podcast Host, G2 Crowd

A Shortcut to Your Prospect’s Inbox

Eliminate useless manual steps from your prospecting workflow and reach out to your prospects sooner.

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B2B Contact Data

Without Leaving LinkedIn.

Simplify your workflow by securing and syncing prospect data straight to your sales tools as you research.

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Automate Manual Data Entry

Route contacts to the proper sequence while also updating records.

You and your team are now ready to prospect and focus on selling.

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Emails Verified On The Spot

Utilize a combination of existing databases and real-time email
pattern algorithms.

LeadIQ guarantees your sales reps connect to the right person at the right email address. 

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