Collaboration Opportunities BASF Agricultural Solutions partners with industry leaders like Encina Development Group. Leveraging these partnerships can open doors for collaboration and cross-selling opportunities.

Product Innovation Edge Recent launches like the sustainable bag range and Nemasphere nematode resistance trait showcase BASF's commitment to innovation. Sales teams can capitalize on these cutting-edge products to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Expansion into Sustainable Energy Storage The launch of NAS Model L24 demonstrates BASF's foray into sustainable energy storage solutions. Exploring partnerships or offering bundled deals with NAS batteries can create a new revenue stream for the company.

Focus on Recycling Business BASF's appointment of Christine Grosse Lembeck as head of global battery recycling business indicates a strategic focus on sustainability. Sales professionals can tap into the growing demand for battery recycling services and solutions.

Renewable Feedstock Opportunities The launch of BMB ecoflex grade, which replaces fossil feedstock with renewable feedstock, presents an opportunity for sales teams to target eco-conscious customers looking for sustainable alternatives. Positioning BASF as a leader in renewable materials can drive sales growth.

BASF Agricultural Solutions Tech Stack

BASF Agricultural Solutions uses 8 technology products and services including 33Across, Optimise, Microsoft Power Automate, and more. Explore BASF Agricultural Solutions's tech stack below.

  • 33Across
  • Optimise
    Affiliate Advertising Networks
  • Microsoft Power Automate
    Build Automation
  • SAP
    Customer Relationship Management
  • Cloudera
    Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Eventbrite
    Event Management
  • ServiceNow

Media & News

BASF Agricultural Solutions's Email Address Formats

BASF Agricultural Solutions uses at least 1 format(s):
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BASF Agricultural Solutions's headquarters located?

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BASF Agricultural Solutions's main headquarters is located at Speyerer Straße 2 Limburgerhof, Rhineland-Palatinate 67117 DE. The company has employees across 5 continents, including EuropeNorth AmericaAsia.

What is BASF Agricultural Solutions's official website and social media links?

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BASF Agricultural Solutions's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.

What is BASF Agricultural Solutions's NAICS code?

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BASF Agricultural Solutions's NAICS code is 111 - Crop Production.

How many employees does BASF Agricultural Solutions have currently?

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As of August 2021, BASF Agricultural Solutions has approximately 17 employees across 5 continents, including EuropeNorth AmericaAsia. Key team members include Head Of Resource Management Seeds & Traits: G. V. E.Head Of Sustainability, Communication, Public Affairs Sub Region West Fr,Uk,Benelux: J. P.Regional Head Qa. Nunhems India Pvt. Ltd: L. D.. Explore BASF Agricultural Solutions's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does BASF Agricultural Solutions belong to?

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BASF Agricultural Solutions operates in the Farming industry.

What technology does BASF Agricultural Solutions use?

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BASF Agricultural Solutions's tech stack includes 33AcrossOptimiseMicrosoft Power AutomateSAPClouderaSAP ERPEventbriteServiceNow.

What is BASF Agricultural Solutions's email format?

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BASF Agricultural Solutions's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more BASF Agricultural Solutions email formats with LeadIQ.
BASF Agricultural Solutions

BASF Agricultural Solutions

FarmingRhineland-Palatinate, Germany10001+ Employees

Farming is fundamental to the world’s wellbeing. It gives us food, feed, fuel and fiber, provides jobs, income and economic growth, and is a cornerstone of everyone’s heritage and culture. Over the next three decades, we must produce as much food as has been consumed in our entire human history. And we must do it sustainably. That’s why for us, farming is the #BiggestJobOnEarth. And it’s getting bigger. From climate change to consumer expectations, farmers have never faced greater challenges and complexity. But at the same time, thanks to fast-moving improvements in science, technology, products and practices, there have never been so many opportunities to change things for the better. 

For more than a century, BASF has been pioneering agricultural science. And in today’s fast-changing world, we continue to transform farming with a broad portfolio of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and biological crop protection, as well as seeds, traits, seed treatment and digital products. Applying knowledge, passion and collaboration. Balancing cutting-edge innovation, game-changing thinking and practical, hands on action to deliver real results for farmers and real value for society.

The biggest job on earth is getting bigger. That’s why we have to find the right balance for success – for farmers, for agriculture and for future generations. 
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Speyerer Straße 2 Limburgerhof, Rhineland-Palatinate 67117 DE
111 - Crop Production

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Section iconFunding & Financials

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