Innovative Product Launches CavinKare Group frequently launches innovative products such as the Nyle Natural Gentle Care range and Cavin's Yoghurt, signaling potential sales opportunities for distributors keen on offering unique FMCG products to consumers.

Strategic Partnerships Partnerships with companies like Ball Corporation, mCanvas Advertising Pvt. Ltd., and Freedom Trust showcase CavinKare's collaborative approach, opening up avenues for sales partnerships or collaborations with these reputed entities.

CSR Initiatives & Brand Image Engagement in CSR initiatives like the Walk India Campaign not only enhances CavinKare's brand image but also presents sales opportunities for organizations aligned with socially responsible brands seeking partnerships with a positive societal impact.

Expansion in Dairy Portfolio The expansion of CavinKare's portfolio with products like the Cavin's Yoghurt range indicates market growth and potential sales opportunities for retailers looking to diversify their dairy product offerings with a trusted brand.

Market Disruption & Advertising Campaigns The Be Always Ready TVC launch and Nyle Natural Gentle Care mobile ad illustrate CavinKare's focus on disruptive marketing strategies. Sales professionals can leverage these campaigns to align with cutting-edge advertising trends and drive product sales in competitive markets.

CavinKare Tech Stack

CavinKare uses 8 technology products and services including Google Analytics, Font Awesome, jQuery UI, and more. Explore CavinKare's tech stack below.

  • Google Analytics
  • Font Awesome
    Font Scripts
  • jQuery UI
    Javascript Libraries
  • OWL Carousel
    Javascript Libraries
  • Open Graph
  • PHP
    Programming Languages
  • Google Tag Manager
    Tag Management
  • Contact Form 7
    Web Platform Extensions

Media & News

CavinKare's Email Address Formats

CavinKare uses at least 1 format(s):
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is CavinKare's headquarters located?

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CavinKare's main headquarters is located at IN. The company has employees across 6 continents, including AsiaNorth AmericaEurope.

What is CavinKare's phone number?

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You can contact CavinKare's main corporate office by phone at +91-44-2431-7550. For more prospecting data, LeadIQ has access to up-to-date and accurate contact information within our platform. Find, capture, and sync contact data to your CRM and sales tools in one click.

What is CavinKare's official website and social media links?

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CavinKare's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.

How much revenue does CavinKare generate?

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As of July 2024, CavinKare's annual revenue reached $750M.

How many employees does CavinKare have currently?

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As of July 2024, CavinKare has approximately employees across 6 continents, including AsiaNorth AmericaEurope. Key team members include Chief Financial Officer: A. S.Chief Executive: B. A.Vice President Of Manufacturing: R. N.. Explore CavinKare's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does CavinKare belong to?

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CavinKare operates in the Manufacturing industry.

What technology does CavinKare use?

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CavinKare's tech stack includes Google AnalyticsFont AwesomejQuery UIOWL CarouselOpen GraphPHPGoogle Tag ManagerContact Form 7.

What is CavinKare's email format?

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CavinKare's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more CavinKare email formats with LeadIQ.


ManufacturingIndia501-1000 Employees

The CavinKare story dates back to 1983, where we first set out as CHIK India Private Limited. Our humble beginnings saw us enter the market with one product, CHIK Shampoo. It was marketed in what was unheard of at the time, in sachets. Today, CHIK Shampoo has earned Iconic brand status. Cavinkare’s brand deck now has 13 brands in the FMCG category and two salon chains.
CavinKare is run with the vision and mentorship of our founder and chairman, Mr.C.K.Ranganathan, who fulfilled his father’s dream of making essential products available to people of all economic backgrounds. He successfully marketed products in sachets, which ultimately helped us tap into the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid. This woke the world up to the innovations at CavinKare. The need for innovation is one of our core beliefs and is put into practice with every endeavour, be it research and development, manufacturing or marketing. CavinKare is here for posterity!

Section iconCompany Overview

Phone number

Section iconFunding & Financials

  • $100M$1B

    CavinKare's revenue is in the range of $100M$1B

Section iconFunding & Financials

  • $100M$1B

    CavinKare's revenue is in the range of $100M$1B

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