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Metrus Energy develops and finances sustainable energy projects at commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Our comprehensive climate-positive financing solution pays for all upfront and ongoing project costs, using our Sustainable Energy Services Agreement (SESA). Our projects upgrade the built environment, improve equipment resiliency, and lower carbon emissions. Metrus bundles energy efficiency and clean energy measures into one simplified contract, tailoring each project to provide a turnkey solution for each of our customers. 

Metrus was selected as a financial partner under the White House and U.S. Department of Energy's Better Buildings Challenge.

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North America

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  • United States Of America


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  • Sweden


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  • Sri Lanka

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metrus Energy known for?

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Metrus Energy operates in the Financial Services industry. The company's main headquarters is located in 71 Stevenson St Suite 1430 San Francisco, California 94105 US; you can contact the main corporate office by phone at +1-415-284-5000. Explore Metrus Energy's company overview page for more information.

What is Metrus Energy's most common email format?

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Metrus Energy employees' email format typically follows the pattern of Trying to find reliable and up-to-date employee contact data? Find more Metrus Energy email formats with LeadIQ.

How many employees does Metrus Energy have currently?

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Metrus Energy has approximately 21 employees as of March 2024. These team members are located across 3 continents, including North AmericaEuropeAsia.

Who are Metrus Energy's key employees and leadership?

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As of March 2024, Metrus Energy's key employees include:

  • Vice President Of Commercial Operations: K. J.
  • Vice President Of Sales: B. J.
  • Vice President Of Channel Sales: K. K.
  • President And Ceo: B. H.
  • Cfo: E. H.

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