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Medical Equipment ManufacturingOhio, United States11-50 Employees

Riverain ClearRead solutions significantly improve a clinician’s ability to accurately and efficiently detect disease in thoracic (lung) CT and XR images and more successfully address the challenges of early detection of lung disease. Powered by machine learning and advanced modeling, the patented, FDA-cleared ClearRead software tools are deployed in the clinic or the cloud and are powered by the most advanced AI methods available to the medical imaging market. While the benefit for patients can be life changing, the advantages for radiologists are equally substantial. Battling growing workloads and less time, ClearRead solutions allow clinicians to complete more reads faster – saving valuable time without sacrificing performance.

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North America

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  • United States Of America
  • Mexico
  • Canada


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  • Belgium
  • France

South America

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  • Brazil

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Riverain Technologies known for?

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Riverain Technologies was founded in 2004 operates in the Medical Equipment Manufacturing industry. The company's main headquarters is located in 3130 S Tech Blvd Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 US; you can contact the main corporate office by phone at +1-937-425-6811. Explore Riverain Technologies's company overview page for more information.

What is Riverain Technologies's most common email format?

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Riverain Technologies employees' email format typically follows the pattern of flast@riveraintech.com. Trying to find reliable and up-to-date employee contact data? Find more Riverain Technologies email formats with LeadIQ.

How many employees does Riverain Technologies have currently?

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Riverain Technologies has approximately 43 employees as of May 2024. These team members are located across 3 continents, including North AmericaEuropeSouth America.

Who are Riverain Technologies's key employees and leadership?

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As of May 2024, Riverain Technologies's key employees include:

  • Chief Executive Officer: S. W.
  • Chief Executive Officer: S. W.
  • Chief Commercial Officer Cco: N. C.
  • Chief Product Officer: O. P.
  • Vice President Clinical Research Seeking New Opportunity: D. F.

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