Niche Market Focus Booker targets businesses in need of online appointment booking systems, providing customizable solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises looking to streamline their booking processes.

Competitive Landscape Analysis Booker operates in a competitive market with established players like Mindbody and Zenoti. Identifying unique value propositions and competitive differentiators will be crucial for capturing market share.

Partnership Opportunities Exploring strategic partnerships with Groupon and other deal platforms could open avenues for increased market visibility and customer acquisition, leveraging on existing partnerships to boost sales.

Targeted Marketing Strategies Utilizing digital marketing channels to target businesses currently relying on paper-based systems or outdated software could drive lead generation and conversion, positioning Booker as a modern and efficient solution provider.

Expansion into Untapped Segments Considering expansion into specific verticals such as salons, spas, and fitness centers as these industries heavily rely on appointment scheduling systems, presenting an opportunity for Booker to cater to specialized needs and increase sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Booker's stock symbol?

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Booker is a publicly traded company; the company's stock symbol is EBKR.

What is Booker's official website and social media links?

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Booker's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.

What is Booker's NAICS code?

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Booker's NAICS code is 5112 - Software Publishers.

How many employees does Booker have currently?

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As of May 2020, Booker has approximately 96 employees across 6 continents, including EuropeNorth AmericaAsia. Key team members include Head Of Cashier: B. K.Head Of Tax: R. H.Director Of Trading: J. L.. Explore Booker's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does Booker belong to?

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Booker operates in the Software Development industry.

What is Booker's email format?

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Booker's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more Booker email formats with LeadIQ.

When was Booker founded?

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Booker was founded in 2010.


Software Development2-10 Employees

Booker is the online appointment booking service.  Booker replaces a business's paper system enabling customers like you and I to book haircuts, massages, guitar lessons, and other activities from our computer or mobile device. By signing up for a monthly or yearly service with Booker a business can handle all their day-to-day bookings plus influxes from places such as Groupon.

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5112 - Software Publishers

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Section iconFunding & Financials

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