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Individual and Family ServicesMonza a Brianza, Italy1001-5000 Employees

Cʼè uno stile di vita che tutti ammirano e che nessuno è riuscito a imitare. Design, qualità dei materiali e nelle lavorazioni, attenzione ai dettagli.
Da questo stile di vita nascono i grandi prodotti realizzati in Italia: semplici e inimitabili, belli e funzionali. Sono i prodotti Peg Perego, da 70 anni dedicati a chi ama stile, eleganza e design. Carrozzine, passeggini, seggioloni, seggiolini auto e giocattoli per rendere la vita dei genitori più comoda e sicura. Creati e realizzati in Italia.

Libertà di movimento e libertà di scelta.

I prodotti Peg Perego permettono libertà di scelta, ogni genitore può scegliere solo gli elementi che desidera per poter esprimere il proprio stile personale. Sicurezza, affidabilità, comfort e qualità made in Italy sono parte di ogni prodotto Peg Perego.
Con Peg Perego hai tutto il valore del Made in Italy in ogni particolare e si vede.

There is life style that everybody admires and that no one has succeeded in imitating. Design, quality of the materials and craftsmanship, attention to detail.
It is from this lifestyle that the great made-in-Italy products are born - simple and unique, attractive and functional. They are the Peg Perego products, which for 70 years have been dedicated to people who love style, elegance and design. Carriages, strollers, high chairs, car seats and toys to make the lives of parents safer and more comfortable. Created and built in Italy.

Freedom of movement and freedom of choice

Peg Perego products provide plenty of choice, allowing parents to express their own personal style by choosing only the elements they want. Safety, reliability, comfort and made-in-Italy quality are part of every Peg Perego product. With Peg Perego you have all the value of Made in Italy in every single detail - and you can tell. 

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  • Italy
  • United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • Spain

North America

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  • United States Of America
  • Canada

South America

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  • Brazil


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  • Israel

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peg Perego known for?

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Peg Perego was founded in 1949 operates in the Individual and Family Services industry. The company's main headquarters is located in via Alcide De Gasperi, 50 Arcore, Monza a Brianza 20862 IT; you can contact the main corporate office by phone at +1-260-482-8191. Explore Peg Perego's company overview page for more information.

What is Peg Perego's most common email format?

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Peg Perego employees' email format typically follows the pattern of . Trying to find reliable and up-to-date employee contact data? Find more Peg Perego email formats with LeadIQ.

How many employees does Peg Perego have currently?

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Peg Perego has approximately 164 employees as of May 2024. These team members are located across 4 continents, including EuropeNorth AmericaSouth America.

Who are Peg Perego's key employees and leadership?

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As of May 2024, Peg Perego's key employees include:

  • Chief Information Officer Chief Technology Officer Vice President Information Technology: M. P.
  • Vice President Of Finance And Administration: D. M.
  • Vice President Sales: C. H.
  • Head Of Purchasing: D. P.
  • Ceo: I. A.

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