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Taysha Gene Therapies is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on advancing adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapies for severe monogenic diseases of the central nervous system. Its lead clinical program TSHA-102 is in development for Rett syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder with no approved disease-modifying therapies that address the genetic root cause of the disease. With a singular focus on developing transformative medicines, Taysha aims to address severe unmet medical needs and dramatically improve the lives of patients and their caregivers. The Company’s management team has proven experience in gene therapy development and commercialization. Taysha leverages this experience, its manufacturing process and a clinically and commercially proven AAV9 capsid in an effort to rapidly translate treatments from bench to bedside.

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North America

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  • United States Of America
  • Canada


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  • Spain
  • United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland


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  • Ghana

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taysha Gene Therapies known for?

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Taysha Gene Therapies was founded in 2020 operates in the Biotechnology Research industry. The company's main headquarters is located in Dallas, TX US. Explore Taysha Gene Therapies's company overview page for more information.

What is Taysha Gene Therapies's most common email format?

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Taysha Gene Therapies employees' email format typically follows the pattern of . Trying to find reliable and up-to-date employee contact data? Find more Taysha Gene Therapies email formats with LeadIQ.

How many employees does Taysha Gene Therapies have currently?

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Taysha Gene Therapies has approximately 83 employees as of April 2024. These team members are located across 3 continents, including North AmericaEuropeAfrica.

Who are Taysha Gene Therapies's key employees and leadership?

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As of April 2024, Taysha Gene Therapies's key employees include:

  • Chief Technical Officer: F. P.
  • Chief Financial Officer: K. A.
  • Chief Medical Officer: M. S.
  • Chief Patient And External Affairs Officer: E. M.
  • Chief Regulatory Officer And Head Of Quality: S. M. G.

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