Expansion Strategy BIGGBY COFFEE has been rapidly expanding its locations across the United States, opening new drive-thru locations in various states such as California, Florida, Ohio, and Michigan. Leveraging this expansion strategy, sales professionals can explore opportunities to introduce BIGGBY to new markets and communities looking for gourmet coffee experiences.

Podcast Launch With the launch of the 'Love in Leadership' podcast, BIGGBY COFFEE is showcasing its purpose-driven approach to a wider audience. Sales teams can capitalize on this by engaging with potential customers who resonate with the brand's values, thus establishing meaningful connections and driving sales through shared values and community engagement.

New Product Introductions The recent introduction of three new drinks by BIGGBY COFFEE to celebrate St. Patrick's Day highlights the brand's commitment to innovation. Sales development representatives can seize this opportunity to introduce these new products to existing customers, attract new customers with limited-time offerings, and boost sales through product diversification and promotion.

Purpose-Driven Branding BIGGBY COFFEE is a purpose-driven brand focused on supporting individuals in building a life they love. Sales professionals can leverage this brand identity to connect with customers who prioritize supporting businesses with a clear purpose, fostering customer loyalty, and capturing sales through emotional connections and shared values.

Market Gap Identification Analyzing the market landscape, BIGGBY COFFEE positions itself among competitors with a unique focus on community engagement, love for people, and great coffee. Sales development teams can identify market gaps within regions where such values are underrepresented, allowing them to tailor sales strategies to resonate with customers seeking community-oriented brands, potentially increasing market share and revenue.


BIGGBY COFFEE uses 8 technology products and services including Quantcast Audience, Facebook Pixel, Visual Website Optimizer, and more. Explore BIGGBY COFFEE's tech stack below.

  • Quantcast Audience
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Visual Website Optimizer
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Font Awesome
    Font Scripts
  • Babel
  • Google Tag Manager
    Tag Management
  • Nginx
    Web Servers

BIGGBY COFFEE's Email Address Formats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is BIGGBY COFFEE's headquarters located?

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BIGGBY COFFEE's main headquarters is located at 2501 Coolidge Rd. Suite 302 East Lansing, MI 48823 US. The company has employees across 5 continents, including North AmericaAsiaEurope.

What is BIGGBY COFFEE's phone number?

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You can contact BIGGBY COFFEE's main corporate office by phone at +1-517-324-7007. For more prospecting data, LeadIQ has access to up-to-date and accurate contact information within our platform. Find, capture, and sync contact data to your CRM and sales tools in one click.

What is BIGGBY COFFEE's official website and social media links?

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BIGGBY COFFEE's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.

How much revenue does BIGGBY COFFEE generate?

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As of June 2024, BIGGBY COFFEE's annual revenue reached $35M.


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BIGGBY COFFEE's NAICS code is 445299 - All Other Specialty Food Stores.

How many employees does BIGGBY COFFEE have currently?

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As of June 2024, BIGGBY COFFEE has approximately 1.8K employees across 5 continents, including North AmericaAsiaEurope. Key team members include Chief Executive Officer: L. W.Chief Development Officer Cdo: L. O.Chief Marketing Officer: R. B.. Explore BIGGBY COFFEE's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does BIGGBY COFFEE belong to?

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BIGGBY COFFEE operates in the Food and Beverage Services industry.

What technology does BIGGBY COFFEE use?

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BIGGBY COFFEE's tech stack includes Quantcast AudienceFacebook PixelVisual Website OptimizerW3 Total CacheFont AwesomeBabelGoogle Tag ManagerNginx.

What is BIGGBY COFFEE's email format?

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BIGGBY COFFEE's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more BIGGBY COFFEE email formats with LeadIQ.

When was BIGGBY COFFEE founded?

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BIGGBY COFFEE was founded in 1995.


Food and Beverage ServicesMichigan, United States51-200 Employees

Why do so many people love BIGGBY® COFFEE? It’s simple – We exist to love people. When you love the world, the world loves you back! Our franchise was founded in 1995 by two friends, who are still the Co-CEOs, for the simple purpose of loving people and sharing great coffee. This unwavering and clear focus is why we have millions of fans across the country, and why our franchise owners continue to reinvest in the brand by opening multiple locations.

At BIGGBY® COFFEE, we believe that owning a coffee shop is a higher calling. No other business brings so many people together and creates the potential to do exponential amounts of good in a community. We deliver on the promise of gourmet coffee, world-class customer service, and non-stop community engagement. Steadfast reliance on systems to support people and share great coffee has allowed our franchise to grow to over 390+ locations across the nation.
In addition to being 100% franchised, we are also 100% purpose-driven. Our purpose is to support you in building a life you love, and that is our goal for everyone in our BIGGBY® family, from our Home Office staff to our franchise owners, and all the way to our amazing baristas and vendor partners. 

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Section iconCompany Overview

2501 Coolidge Rd. Suite 302 East Lansing, MI 48823 US
Phone number
445299 - All Other Specialty Food Stores

Section iconFunding & Financials

  • $10M$50M

    BIGGBY COFFEE's revenue is in the range of $10M$50M

Section iconFunding & Financials

  • $10M$50M

    BIGGBY COFFEE's revenue is in the range of $10M$50M

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