Partnership Opportunities Caledonian Sleeper's recent partnerships with companies like Arbikie Distilling and North Coast 500 present opportunities for cross-promotion and joint marketing efforts with aligned brands in the travel and hospitality sectors.

Corporate Social Responsibility Through donations to charities like Railway Children and initiatives like limited-edition product launches for charitable causes, Caledonian Sleeper showcases a commitment to social responsibility, offering potential collaboration opportunities for brands with a similar ethos.

Unique Product Offerings The introduction of limited-edition gin and single malt whiskies tied to Caledonian Sleeper's journey themes presents avenues for partnerships with boutique distilleries and alcohol brands looking to tap into the experiential travel market.

Tech Enhancement Scope Collaborations in the realm of technology and user experience could be explored, considering Caledonian Sleeper's partnership with Flipside Group to enhance its website. Tech companies offering solutions in customer engagement and digital transformation could find potential avenues for collaboration.

Sustainability Focus With a notable sustainability focus showcased through initiatives like partnering with ARRAN Sense of Scotland for guest amenities, Caledonian Sleeper opens up possibilities for collaborations with eco-friendly brands to further enhance its environmental conservation efforts.

Caledonian Sleeper Tech Stack

Caledonian Sleeper uses 8 technology products and services including AWIN, Hotjar, OneTrust, and more. Explore Caledonian Sleeper's tech stack below.

  • AWIN
    Affiliate Advertising Networks
  • Hotjar
  • OneTrust
    Cookie Compliance
  • MySQL
  • Shopify
  • Google Font API
    Font Scripts
  • RSS
  • Bootstrap
    UI Frameworks

Media & News

Caledonian Sleeper's Email Address Formats

Caledonian Sleeper uses at least 1 format(s):
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Caledonian Sleeper's headquarters located?

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Caledonian Sleeper's main headquarters is located at 1 Union Street Inverness, Highland IV1 1PP GB. The company has employees across 4 continents, including EuropeNorth AmericaAsia.

What is Caledonian Sleeper's official website and social media links?

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Caledonian Sleeper's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.

What is Caledonian Sleeper's NAICS code?

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Caledonian Sleeper's NAICS code is 484 - Truck Transportation.

How many employees does Caledonian Sleeper have currently?

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As of June 2024, Caledonian Sleeper has approximately 116 employees across 4 continents, including EuropeNorth AmericaAsia. Key team members include Head Of Commercial & Contracts: C. B.Head Of Communication & Engagement: L. D.Head Of Human Resources: I. M.. Explore Caledonian Sleeper's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does Caledonian Sleeper belong to?

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Caledonian Sleeper operates in the Truck Transportation industry.

What technology does Caledonian Sleeper use?

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Caledonian Sleeper's tech stack includes AWINHotjarOneTrustMySQLShopifyGoogle Font APIRSSBootstrap.

What is Caledonian Sleeper's email format?

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Caledonian Sleeper's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more Caledonian Sleeper email formats with LeadIQ.

When was Caledonian Sleeper founded?

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Caledonian Sleeper was founded in 2015.
Caledonian Sleeper

Caledonian Sleeper

Truck TransportationHighland, United Kingdom51-200 Employees

Caledonian Sleeper is a Train Operating Company, but not how you know it. Fall asleep in serene comfort and wake up in another city. Calling at London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fort William, Inverness, Aberdeen and 42 other stations inbetween, 6 nights a week.

You can book up to 12 months in advance of your travel date at

Section iconCompany Overview

1 Union Street Inverness, Highland IV1 1PP GB
484 - Truck Transportation

Section iconFunding & Financials

Section iconFunding & Financials

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