Diversified Chemical Offerings Coalition's subsidiaries, Element Chemicals, Mission Chemical, and Sharp International Services, cover a wide range of chemical products and services, providing ample cross-selling opportunities to cater to various industry needs.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Capabilities With state-of-the-art laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and versatile packaging options, Coalition offers tailored chemical solutions with quick turnaround times, presenting a compelling value proposition for clients seeking efficient and customized products.

Tech-Savvy Business Operations Utilizing tech tools like Mailchimp and jQuery, Coalition demonstrates a commitment to efficient communication and streamlined processes, showcasing readiness for digital integration and attracting clients looking for modernized business partners.

Customer-Centric Approach Firmly rooted in customer service, Coalition's 'Start with the Customer' philosophy emphasizes personalized solutions, setting the stage for strong customer relationships and potential upselling opportunities based on evolving client needs.

Strategic Competitive Positioning In a landscape with a mix of similar chemical companies, Coalition's dedication to radical candor, relentless pursuit of excellence, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions positions them uniquely for businesses seeking a trustworthy, innovative, and value-driven partnership.

Coalition Tech Stack

Coalition uses 8 technology products and services including Mailchimp, Paychex, jQuery, and more. Explore Coalition's tech stack below.

  • Mailchimp
  • Paychex
    Human Resource Management System
  • jQuery
    Javascript Libraries
  • core-js
    Javascript Libraries
  • Babel
  • Microsoft
  • Elementor
    Page Builders
  • Jetpack
    Web Platform Extensions

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Coalition's Email Address Formats

Coalition uses at least 1 format(s):
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Coalition's headquarters located?

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Coalition's main headquarters is located at Houston, TX US. The company has employees across 1 continents, including North America.

What is Coalition's official website and social media links?

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Coalition's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.

What is Coalition's NAICS code?

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Coalition's NAICS code is 325 - Chemical Manufacturing.

How many employees does Coalition have currently?

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As of March 2024, Coalition has approximately 35 employees across 1 continents, including North America. Key team members include Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder: C. H.Chief Commercial Officer: S. W.Chief Operating Officer: A. N.. Explore Coalition's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does Coalition belong to?

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Coalition operates in the Chemical Manufacturing industry.

What technology does Coalition use?

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Coalition's tech stack includes MailchimpPaychexjQuerycore-jsBabelMicrosoftElementorJetpack.

What is Coalition's email format?

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Coalition's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more Coalition email formats with LeadIQ.

When was Coalition founded?

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Coalition was founded in 2019.


Chemical ManufacturingTexas, United States51-200 Employees

Coalition is the executive management team responsible for creating and developing the growth of Element Chemicals, Mission Chemical, and Sharp International Services. Our team serves small to mid-sized companies in the chemical industry to achieve their operational goals. 

-	Element Chemicals specializes in high-performance upstream production chemicals and is experiencing remarkable growth, expanding into the midstream, downstream, mining, and water treatment markets.  With a focus on comprehensive manufacturing and a state-of-the-art laboratory, our industry-leading knowledge and collaborative support ensure swift design and production of tailored chemical products. 

-	Mission Chemical takes pride in being the chosen specialty chemical distribution partner for diverse entities—from small, specialized companies to multinational manufacturers and refineries. Our commitment goes beyond delivering chemicals; it's about offering improved cost savings, market transparency, and exceptional customer service. 

-	Sharp International Services, located an hour north of Houston, TX, is a 300,000 square foot chemical manufacturing facility featuring a private mile-long rail track serviced by BNSF. Specializing in reactions, liquid blending, and versatile packaging, our assets deliver cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Equipped with multiple glass-lined reactors, a Class 1 Division 2 blend plant, and large rail spur, we cater our service to meet customer needs.

Coalition takes pride in providing the best possible solution to our customers by starting with the customer in mind and leveling up industry expectations. 

-	Start with the Customer: our customers are the origin of our WHY. We are in business to serve them first and foremost in everything we do. 
-	Care Personally, Challenge Directly: we embrace radically candid conversations to push growth for individuals and our company. 
-	Level up: we are relentless in our pursuit of professional and personal excellence. 

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Houston, TX US
325 - Chemical Manufacturing

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