Partnership Expansion Valero Energy Corporation has recently partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions, LLC, in a pipeline project to store carbon from its midwestern ethanol plants. This partnership presents an opportunity for Valero to tap into the carbon capture and storage market, potentially leading to increased revenue streams and strategic alliances.

Investment Influx Valero has attracted significant investments from various financial entities like Mosley Wealth Management, Zhang Financial, Threadgill Financial, and Advisor Resource Council, totaling millions of dollars. This influx of investments indicates confidence in Valero's growth prospects and could be leveraged by sales teams to explore new business collaborations or expansion opportunities.

New Fuel Deal Launch Valero Energy Corporation recently launched the 'Big Fuel Deal' in partnership with Toot'n Totum, a leading convenience store chain in Texas. This initiative aims to help consumers save money on gas purchases, creating a potential sales opportunity for Valero to enhance brand visibility and attract more customers through promotional offers and marketing strategies.

Renewable Diesel Venture Valero's joint venture partnership in Diamond Green Diesel, operating North America's largest biomass-based diesel plant, presents an avenue for sales expansion in the renewable fuels market. Leveraging this venture, Valero can explore new business avenues, collaborate with eco-conscious customers, and diversify its product offerings to cater to the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Market Presence & Branding With approximately 7,000 outlets carrying Valero's brand names across the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, and Latin America, Valero has a strong market presence. Sales teams can capitalize on this widespread brand recognition to foster partnerships with retailers and distributors, expand the geographical reach of Valero's products, and capitalize on cross-selling opportunities to boost sales revenue.

Valero Tech Stack

Valero uses 8 technology products and services including Albert, Microsoft SharePoint, React, and more. Explore Valero's tech stack below.

  • Albert
    A/B Testing
  • Microsoft SharePoint
    Content Management System
  • React
    Javascript Frameworks
  • Cisco
    Network Hardware
  • Windows Server
    Operating Systems
    Programming Languages
  • Linux
    Programming Languages
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
    Unified Communications

Media & News

Valero's Email Address Formats

Valero uses at least 1 format(s):
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Valero's headquarters located?

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Valero's main headquarters is located at One Valero Way San Antonio, TX 78249 US. The company has employees across 6 continents, including North AmericaEuropeAsia.

What is Valero's phone number?

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You can contact Valero's main corporate office by phone at +1-210-345-2000. For more prospecting data, LeadIQ has access to up-to-date and accurate contact information within our platform. Find, capture, and sync contact data to your CRM and sales tools in one click.

What is Valero's stock symbol?

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Valero is a publicly traded company; the company's stock symbol is VLO.

What is Valero's official website and social media links?

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Valero's official website is and has social profiles on LinkedIn.

How much revenue does Valero generate?

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As of May 2024, Valero's annual revenue reached $501B.

What is Valero's NAICS code?

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Valero's NAICS code is 211 - Oil and Gas Extraction.

How many employees does Valero have currently?

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As of May 2024, Valero has approximately 10K employees across 6 continents, including North AmericaEuropeAsia. Key team members include Chief Executive Officer: W. C.Chief Executive Officer: T. L.CEO And President: J. G.. Explore Valero's employee directory with LeadIQ.

What industry does Valero belong to?

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Valero operates in the Oil and Gas industry.

What technology does Valero use?

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Valero's tech stack includes AlbertMicrosoft SharePointReactCiscoWindows ServerSAP ABAPLinuxCisco Unified Communications Manager.

What is Valero's email format?

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Valero's email format typically follows the pattern of . Find more Valero email formats with LeadIQ.


Oil and GasTexas, United States10001+ Employees

Valero is an international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels and petrochemical products. We are a Fortune 500 company based in San Antonio, Texas, fueled by nearly 10,000 employees and 15 petroleum refineries with a combined throughput capacity of approximately 3.2 million barrels per day. We also proudly operate 12 ethanol plants in the Mid-Continent of the U.S., with a combined production capacity of 1.6 billion gallons per year. Our petroleum refineries are located in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Valero also is a joint venture partner in Diamond Green Diesel, which operates a renewable diesel plant in Norco, Louisiana. Diamond Green Diesel is North America’s largest biomass-based diesel plant. Valero sells its products in the wholesale rack or bulk markets in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland and Latin America. Approximately 7,000 outlets carry Valero’s brand names. Visit for more information, and click 'Careers' to explore opportunities!

Section iconCompany Overview

One Valero Way San Antonio, TX 78249 US
Phone number
Stock Symbol
211 - Oil and Gas Extraction

Section iconFunding & Financials

  • $1B

    Valero's revenue is in the range of $1B

Section iconFunding & Financials

  • $1B

    Valero's revenue is in the range of $1B

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