5 tips to get started on your free LeadIQ plan

So you just signed up for LeadIQ's free plan, now what? Learn how to get the most out of using our chrome extension and prospecting platform.
Mitch Comstock
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Whether you just signed up for a free LeadIQ plan or are considering it, you may be wondering how to get the most of this platform. To help get you started, we compiled these five tips to make sure your LeadIQ experience delivers the best results.

1. Integrate LeadIQ with your sales tools and CRM

Capturing data is great, but it’s even better if you can do something with it. LeadIQ allows you to capture and send prospect data to your favorite sales tools (such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Salesloft, or Outreach) instantaneously with one click.

Integrating LeadIQ with your sales tools and CRM

Worried about integrating LeadIQ into your system? Don’t be. Integration is a simple process that entails a single click to establish a secure connection using OAuth 2.0: the same type of connection utilized by Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, and every other major software.

2. Use LeadIQ next to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LeadIQ is designed to work right alongside Sales Navigator. Once you build lead lists or search within your target accounts, LeadIQ will work on finding and verifying your prospects' information and contact data.

Using the LeadIQ Chrome extention with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

PRO TIP: While LeadIQ was designed for use with Sales Navigator, that’s not the only way to find contact data. Use LeadIQ on a company's website by highlighting a name, right-clicking, and selecting “Search by Name”.

3. Focus on verified emails

There’s nothing worse than spending time finding a prospect, adding them to a sequence, and building out a personalized email that then bounces. Focus on just capturing verified emails. You’ll know an email is verified by the green checkmark next to it.

Capturing verified leads with LeadIQ chrome extention

Verified emails have a 95% chance of being delivered, meaning they can help you avoid bounces. Make those credits count.

4. Stay organized with campaigns

Since you won’t be able to export all 15 of your captures every week, campaigns are a great way to keep your prospects organized within LeadIQ’s web app. Create campaigns for specific personas, companies, or triggers so you can quickly find them later.

Keep your sales team organized with LeadIQ Campaigns

PRO TIP: Although you can only sync 7 prospects per week, you still can copy and paste your other captures into your CRM or sales tool. This process is more manual, but leads to 8 new people to prospect every week!

5. Invite your teammates

If you enjoy your experience with LeadIQ, make sure to invite your teammates so they too can capture and sync prospect data every week.

You are now ready to prospect.

You are now ready to get the most of your free LeadIQ plan. Interested in upgrading? Check out our pricing page to see what else you could be doing in LeadIQ. You can switch to a paid plan anytime in the app!

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