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Track key insights

Follow your target accounts and contacts. Know when contacts get promoted, leave a company, or start a new job. 

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Time outreach perfectly

Get notified of key sales triggers in real time. Open doors and build relationships with quick, timely outreach.

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Close deals faster

Spend your time engaging the most receptive leads and multithreading into accounts most likely to convert.

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Impeccable timing. Every time. Find the right moment for your outreach.

step 1

Add your target account list

Specify which accounts you want more visibility into. LeadIQ will surface relevant sales triggers like job changes and company news — all in one spot.

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Step 2

Integrate with your CRM

Former customers, champions, and users are your best next customer. Connect LeadIQ to Salesforce to follow these contacts independently of their original account.

Step 3

Tailor your insights

Separate real signals from the noise. Individual sellers can customize and filter the insights they see to focus on triggers most likely to indicate a future buyer.

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Step 4

See contacts’ comings and goings

Use news about job changes and promotions to expand into an account, follow a former customer to a new company, and build stronger relationships.

Step 5

Receive daily updates

Stay on top of the latest activity and ahead of your competition. A continuous feed and daily notifications keep your sellers informed as triggers are detected.

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All the tools you need, working together

Identify warm leads and help your teams prospect smarter.

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LeadIQ is an industry leader

Illustration of 5 stars
Circle frame headshot of Joshua M.
Joshua M.
Account Executive

"LeadIQ changed my life, really... It did!"
Simplifies everything for my prospecting.

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Illustration of 5 stars
Circle frame headshot of Hasti S.
Hasti S.

"A real review from an SDR/ADR sending 100s of emails per day."
The best thing about the leadIQ is the speed you can have with prospecting. within a matter of seconds, you can extract the information and connect with the right prospect, email them or add them...

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Illustration of 5 stars
Circle frame headshot of Jack K.
Jack K.
Chief Executive Officer

"Amazing tool! Highly recommend it!"
It's super easy to use and allows me to pull targeted lists, validate the data, and push it to CRM. This tool is a game changer and saves me a ton of time allowing me to focus on selling. I've tried them all and LeadIQ is easily the best...

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Illustration of 5 stars
Circle frame headshot of Jack W.
Jack W.
Sales Development Manager

"3 Es with LeadIQ... Easy-to-Use,
Efficient, Effective :)"
With LeadIQ, I love how simple it is to use with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. I also love the integration with SFDC. I manage SDRs and this is key for me to leverage for their workflows...

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Illustration of 5 stars
Circle frame headshot of Benji B.
Benji B.
Podcast Host

"Use LeadIQ Everyday, couldn't do my job without it!"
Fantastic and simple. Everything you need in an easy-to-understand pop-out window. Our team saves massive amounts of time in our search for leads thanks to LeadIQ. HIGHLY RECOMMEND...

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Circle frame headshot of Guilherme M.
Guilherme M.
Account Executive

"Life saver for a SDR"
LeadIQ has the most intuitive UI I have ever worked with. Lusha,, everything else feels way too bloated. LeadIQ is simple and direct to the point...

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Illustration of 5 stars
Shiva Krishna Kolluri

"Cold calling, here is the best tool!"
LeadIQ is one of the best tools in the market and you can start your day for cold calling in a few minutes, the way it unlocks mobile and switchboard numbers is unparalleled compared to the tools available in the market...

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Circle frame headshot of Jessica C.
Jessica C.

"Seamless capturing"
I love that I can view and capture multiple leads from one view without needing to right click> open a new tab> and view individual tabs in order to load each lead...

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