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Optimizing SDR prospecting workflow: How LeadIQ uses LeadIQ

Our SDR team has a secret weapon to help their prospecting workflow. Learn how LeadIQ improves efficiency and gives you time back to reinvest in personalized outreach.
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Chances are good that LeadIQ’s SDR team looks a lot like yours. (Or maybe you call them BDRs. You say tomato, I say tomato.) They like pizza. They enjoy the outdoors. They hate no shows.

No matter what their personal preferences, it’s certain that all SDRs work hard every week on their prospecting workflow. They manage everything from collaborating with account executives, researching target accounts and contacts, and doing cold outreach.

LeadIQ’s SDR team has a secret weapon to help with their prospecting workflow. Do you know what it is?

Yep, you guessed it. They use LeadIQ!

LeadIQ is a fundamental part of their prospecting workflow. Using LeadIQ as their primary prospecting tool allows SDRs to be more efficient. The time saved is reinvested into focusing on personalized outreach to achieve even better prospecting results.

To understand exactly how this works, let’s take a look at a day in the life of LeadIQ’s SDR Team.

A day in the life: Looking at LeadIQ SDR’s team

LeadIQ’s SDRs start their weeks like most teams: figuring out who to prospect next. A quick look through their target accounts helps them understand what accounts need additional buying team members.

To provide some context for this process: the best way to glean contact data from most data providers is to pull a list from their database, upload it to Salesforce, and then sync that record from Salesforce to Outreach. After that, it’s necessary to double-check that the data is synced accurately. Only then can reps start thinking about the best way to reach out.

This process is time-consuming. And with many SDR teams being measured by their activities, many reps fall into the trap of “spray and pray” with their outreach because they run out of time in the day.

LeadIQ streamlines that process. SDRs start in Sales Navigator and let the LeadIQ Chrome extension do the rest. Each time they do a new search, LeadIQ performs a new query to verify contact data for their prospects. This enables them to both research and capture contact data from the same screen, instead of having to go back and forth between tabs.

“I’ve seen some SDRs who dedicate their entire Monday to filtering, sequencing, and getting their ducks in a row for the 30-50 prospects so they can then email and call the other four days of the week. With LeadIQ I can get this done in less than 30 minutes.” - Alex Trca, Sales Development Team Lead

LeadIQ’s key capability is its one-click capture. Reps like Alex can find, capture, and sync prospects data directly to Salesforce and Outreach with just one click (LeadIQ also integrates with Salesloft and Hubspot if those are more your cup of tea). Most data providers need up to five clicks for this process. Five clicks for every account, every week...You get the picture, it’s a lot of time wasted!

Better prospecting workflow means more time to personalize

What we often hear from sales leaders is that their SDR teams are forced to rely on a copy and paste method for outreach because they don’t have enough time. This cookie-cutter approach can produce a lot of volume, but the resultant emails are easily lost in the shuffle, as buyers receive hundreds of similar messages every single day.

LeadIQ allows SDR teams to put their time savings to good use by redirecting their energies towards high-value activities such as account research, collaborative selling, and personalized emails.

The equation is simple: less administrative work = more time to research and personalize outreach. This simple formula helps our SDRs not only get better engagement from their cold outreach, but unlock genuine interest from prospects.

Graphical Chart: LeadIQ SDR Reply Rate = 12% vs Industry Standard of <1% and LeadIQ Meeting Hold Rate of 87% vs Industry Average of 80%

The effort and attention to detail don’t go unnoticed. In fact, when our SDRs aren’t booking meetings or handling their fair share of ghosting, they sometimes get solicited for job offers. We eventually had to put up one of those “no soliciting” signs on the front door to get people to stop!

Email snapshot of person trying to poach talent

While we’re gung-ho about LeadIQ, we’d be remiss to say that it causes every cold email to succeed. Our SDRs still have to handle daily rejection—one of the toughest parts of the job. “It’s very easy to become discouraged with all the rejection you face as an SDR, especially when we put in a lot of time and effort on personalizing it”, says Alex.  

Getting new SDRs on-ramped faster

Starting out as an SDR is tough. There are new products to learn. New processes to get used to. And most importantly, a boatload of sales tools to get acquainted with. With so much to do, and so little time to get on-ramped, having a prospecting tool that is both easy to use and fits easily into the prospecting workflow helps LeadIQ’s new SDRs get up and running faster.

“As a new SDR who is already stretched thin for time, I don’t have any extra time to spare for admin tasks while still learning the ropes and getting my prospecting tasks done. I couldn’t imagine doing my job without LeadIQ.” - Alexis Smith, Commercial SDR

With a recent survey stating that most companies take an average of 4.5 months to onboard a new sales rep, it only makes sense to work with tools that support your outbound prospecting and help to significantly reduce that on-ramp.

LeadIQ features our SDRs can’t live without

There's a lot to like about LeadIQ, but here is what our SDRs value most:

  • One-click capture: “Capturing and syncing prospect’s contact data with one click allows me to be way more efficient.”
  • Duplicate detection: “I know that LeadIQ will ensure I don’t create duplicate records in our systems, while visually showing me in the Chrome extension if a record exists.”
  • UX design: “Not really a feature, but LeadIQ’s simplicity makes it easy to learn and takes some of the stress out of prospecting.”
  • Job change notifications: “Getting a notification when a current prospect or customer moved to one of my key accounts helps me make timely and personalized outreach.”

Want to learn more about how LeadIQ SDRs use LeadIQ?

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