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February 6, 2023

Why sellers are frustrated with ChatGPT

Sellers everywhere are talking about how ChatGPT can be used for writing cold outreach, but many are frustrated by the AI's lack of sales prospecting expertise.
Zach Franzen
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ChatGPT can spit rhymes, write a five-paragraph essay, and churn out code. Pretty amazing! What it can't do, without a lot of micro-managing, is construct good sales messages.

Because the focus of ChatGPT is general, the results can be generic and uninspired.

ChatGPT Cold Email Fragment: Subject: Enhance your sales efforts with accurate contact data. Dear Executive, I hope this email finds your well. My name is [YOUR NAME] and I work with LeadIQ, a company that provides businesses with accurate and up-to-date- contact data
This generic ChatGPT output makes you sound like you're using a standard cold email template.

Now, ChatGPT generates this message instantly, which feels magical, but if a human did it, you'd tell them to try again. In other words, it isn't enough to send a sales message with correct syntax; you have to move people to respond.

The good news? We think AI can help.

Meet Scribe, our sales AI that writes personalized, first-touch messages (and your sales department's new best friend).

How is Scribe different from ChatGPT? Well, according to ChatGPT:

ChatGPT and LeadIQ Scribe are both language generation models, but they are used for different purposes and have different features.

That’s correct. ChatGPT continues:

Cold email from ChatGPT when asked to compare itself to LeadIQ Scribe
We asked ChatGPT to compare itself to LeadIQ Scribe. This is the answer we got.

That summary is right-ish, but Scribe doesn’t generate sales scripts. It generates concise, first-touch, personalized sales messages using a variety of inputs. Still, ChatGPT is accurate in that we are specialized for sales. And that leads us to two additional differences that address seller frustration:

  1. Scribe uses insights from LinkedIn to automatically personalize each message to each recipient. Then the AI transitions from a personalized intro to your company’s value proposition. By contrast, ChatGPT cannot automatically personalize messages.
  2. Scribe includes messages with timely, up-to-date information. By contrast, ChatGPT's language database might go six months before an update (though I received a message from it saying it’s knowledge base stopped in 2021). As part of LeadIQ's platform, Scribe can incorporate information from a company's latest 10K reports or even a recipient's recent job change. That means messages as timely as this morning’s paper.

ChatGPT compares itself to LeadIQ Scribe in "it's own words" -- It get's it right-ish.

As part of LeadIQ's larger prospecting platform, Scribe is specialized to grow pipeline. Because sellers need to identify the right contacts, we give enterprise-grade data for strategic outreach. You need to reach out at the right time, so we alert you to timely buying triggers (like job changes). All of that valuable info is available through our platform so Scribe can personalize cold outreach and make your value proposition relevant.

We took to heart David Elkington’s 2019 warning about an over-reliance on AI and automation.

Sure, prospects and customers may be impressed by an incredibly proactive cadence of communications that automation tools drive, but only if the messaging is truly personalized [right person], the timing is right [right time] and it’s actually relevant to them [right message].

Reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message is how we keep our AI useful.

ChatGPT is a general tool. It's fun and impressive but not tailored for sales—so it doesn’t personalize in a timely way with relevant connections. While it may be helpful for a few strategic leads, the parameters require so much babysitting it can't unleash AI's full potential to personalize outreach at scale.

In summary, ChatGPT doesn't accommodate sales priorities, but then, to be fair, it isn't designed to. (Psssst) Scribe is.

Write truly personalized, timely, and relevant messages at scale with specialized AI for sales.

Check out our other post to see a direct comparison between Scribe and ChatGPT messages.

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