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Have your sales team focus on high value activities.

What will your sales reps' workflow look like with LeadIQ?


Identify a target account, locate it on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and open the LeadIQ extension. 


Narrow down the list of contacts using LinkedIn's filters. Research every prospect and capture their information with LeadIQ.


Allow LeadIQ to route the contacts to the proper sequence, while also updating records. You and your team are now ready to prospect.

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"Having prospect data is one thing, but being able to do something with that data is very important for us. LeadIQ enables us to move a lot faster."

David Zerwin
Sr. Director Sales Operations, Iterable

Detailed LeadIQ features

One Click Capture

LeadIQ grants real-time prospect data verification and enrichment. Records are automatically updated, corrected, and placed in cadences with just one click. 

Analytics Dashboard

Having a bird's eye view of your sales team's performance allows you to see who, where, and what they are targeting, granting you valuable insights to the sales process.

Job Change Notifications

People that have bought from you in the past are more likely to buy from you again. Stay alert to new promotions, and company changes for your most valuable points-of-contacts.


As a leader in proactive consumer privacy, LeadIQ helps individuals manage their online identities, while maintaining SOC2 certification and industry security best practices.

Data Verification

LeadIQ uses a proprietary algorithm to verify email formatting and tests deliverability. Real-time feedback from users ensures data accuracy.


Old data and new data alike can be messy and incomplete. LeadIQ's real-time enrichment ensures leads, contacts, and accounts are always organized and up to date.

Duplicate Detection

LeadIQ automatically detects and prevents duplicate entries being entered in your integrations, allowing for a seamless workflow. 

Office & Mobile Numbers

With millions of office and mobile phones at your sales rep's fingertips, LeadIQ gives them time back in their day by automatically locating the correct contact information.

Work Emails

Utilizing a combination of existing databases and real-time email pattern algorithms, LeadIQ guarantees your sales reps connect to the right person at the right email address. 

Self-Service Management

Administrators can use the LeadIQ web app to easily add additional seats, credits, or upgrade their team plan.

Advanced Database Search

Browse our local database of verified leads that have been captured by our other users. Use filters to optimize or narrow down your search.

Custom Field Mapping

Map LeadIQ datapoints to standard or custom fields within Salesloft, Outreach and Salesforce. Set default values and even enable field level controls.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Provide next level security through centralized access. Save ops teams times when activating or deactivating users.

Territory Management

Align LeadIQ with your internal team assignments. Manage what countries reps can capture data from to avoid overlap and wasted time while ensuring regulatory compliance.


Manage how your team uses LeadIQ. Ensure they follow your company's rules of engagement and regulatory requirements. Control the quality of captured emails, what data types can be captured, and more.

Your outbound teams will save so much time. Seriously.

"With the old tools we had, we would have to run our prospects through so many validation tools. We’ve reduced our sales stack by two or three applications and I save 45 minutes to an hour every day."

Greg Sale
Account Development Manager, WalkMe

Works with the tools your team uses everyday

Eliminate the data entry and help your teams prospect smarter.

LeadIQ Helps WalkMe’s Enterprise Outbound Team

For WalkMe, scaling their outbound programs wasn’t about just the lead data and email sequences. It was also about prospecting as efficiently as possible.

“Without LeadIQ, our outbound team’s workflow would be disjointed and time consuming. ”

Aaron Zukoski

Director of Business Development

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