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Case Study

LeadIQ Helped Bynder BDRs Speed up the Onboarding Process

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No one likes admin work, and LeadIQ has helped eliminate a lot of that work for our sales team in the outbound process.
Morgan Furneaux
Director of Revenue Operations, Bynder
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New Workflow
Built an entirely new, standardized prospecting workflow with LeadIQ as the anchor.
Personalized Outbound
Reduction in outbound admin work for BDRs, for a more personalized outbound approach.
Build Pipeline
Enabled new BDRs to start prospecting and building their pipeline in less than two weeks.


Bynder is a Digital  Asset Management SaaS company that allows teams to conquer the complexity and chaos of proliferating assets, touchpoints, and relationships in order to thrive. The company’s platform unifies and transforms the creation and sharing of assets in order to elevate organizations.


Why Bynder Needed to Standardize The Prospecting Workflow

As Bynder’s global BDR team had grown over the years, so had their tech stack. So when Morgan Furneaux, Director of Revenue  Operations at Bynder, began examining the prospecting process, she immediately noticed a troubling trend.

Every BDR knew how to do outbound prospecting but not everyone was following the optimal process.

Bynder had the right tools in place, but lacked a formal outbound process. Every BDR did things a little bit differently and had their own way of using (or not using) the tools at their disposal. Without a formal processes and training, new BDRs had to take time to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Addressing this oversight became an immediate priority for the Revenue Operations Team at Bynder. As Morgan explained, “We have a great marketing team, but with outbounding, you can always build more pipeline and get more deals closed.”


The Challenge

Admin from outbounding and individual methods for using tools and prospecting lead to inefficient processes and low outbound rates.


The Solution

Build a standard prospecting
workflow using LeadIQ to reduce time spent on admin in the outbound process, allowing every BDR to efficiently use the tools at their disposal.


The Results

The Bynder BDR team now utilizes their entire tech stack in unison for more efficient prospecting and onramp times. 

Connecting the Dots for a More Efficient Outbound Process

Morgan set out to create an outbound workflow that would be repeatable for any BDR and effectively utilize the full sales tech stack. She began by going through the entire prospecting process from beginning to end. Morgan looked at what tools Bynder had, where they best fit into the outbound workflow, and how they could work together. The end goal was to “create a workflow that saved BDRs time and allowed them to focus more on selling.” 


LeadIQ offered the perfect prospecting tool to achieve those goals. Using LeadIQ alongside LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Bynder’s BDRs can send contact and firmographic data directly to Salesforce with one click, while adding those prospects to the right cadence at the same time. This deep integration helps cut out multiple manual administrative tasks and connects the dots between Bynders different tools. 

Faster Time to Impact for BDRs

LeadIQ has become the anchor of a more efficient and personalized outbound process for Bynder. Instead of new BDRs figuring out their prospecting cadence, they can now start prospecting and generating pipeline in less than two weeks. 

Outbound is the fastest way that new BDRs can make an impact, and LeadIQ allows them to really hit the ground running.

By cutting out multiple manual administrative steps, LeadIQ also gives BDRs more time to focus on taking a personalized approach in their outreach. “Instead of spending the majority of their outbound time on admin, our BDRs can spend that time researching, crafting personalized emails, and being creative,” described Morgan. “Our BDRs can now do highly personalized outbound at scale.”


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