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Case Study

How LeadIQ Boosted LivePerson’s Pipeline Generation and Simplified its Prospecting Workflow

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Using LeadIQ dramatically changed the way that I prospect. When I am on Linkedin Sales Navigator with the LeadIQ’s extension it allows for seamless integration to and from Salesforce and Outreach with a click of a button. I don’t know how I could go back to using another tool as a seller.
SDR Team Lead, LivePerson
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Improved Workflow
A significant reduction in prospecting workflow steps.
Pipeline Generation
A material increase in SDR pipeline generation from the previous year.
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Faster Prospecting
A less frustrating and more satisfying prospecting process for the SDR team.


LivePerson is a leading technology company with six global headquarters and over 1,700 employees. It provides its customers with a cloud-based AI platform that allows users to message brands with the same ease and familiarity as if they were talking to friends or family. Consumers can ask questions, make purchases and save time by communicating through the same messaging channels they use every day. With over 18,000 customers, LivePerson’s conversational solutions create a convenient, effective, and deeply personal relationship between customers and their consumers.


The Challenge

Low data coverage in key territories and an inefficient prospecting process limited SDR’s ability to reach the right prospects. 


The Solution

Implement LeadIQ to achieve greater data coverage and a faster prospecting method for outreach sequences. 


The Results

A significant increase in SDR pipeline generation, thanks to being able to reach more of the right prospects. 

SDRs Not Able to Reach Enough of the Right Prospects

As a company that specializes in helping customers build personal relationships, LivePerson knows a thing or two about the importance of building connections. For the company’s SDR team, building those connections starts with reaching the right buyers. 

Before leveraging LeadIQ, LivePerson’s Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA) SDR team’s prospecting efforts were hampered by gaps in data coverage, making it tough for SDRs to connect with key prospects. A lack of verified emails and direct dials made it difficult for SDRs to penetrate key accounts. 

Insufficient data wasn’t the only obstacle. The team’s SDR Manager noticed that the prospecting workflow was also holding them back. SDRs used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to research their ideal customer; however, they didn’t have a way to find and capture contact data once they located a promising lead. A prospecting workflow meant SDRs had less time in their day to conduct outreach at the volume and precision they needed for hitting quota.

Expanded Data coverage and Streamlined Workflow in Key Sales Territories 

After exploring other tech options for improving the prospecting workflow, the SDR Manager turned to LeadIQ. The tool’s ease of use and compatibility with LinkedIn Sales Navigator made it stand out from the rest. What’s more, it allowed SDRs to find prospect data as they built lists, as well as capture it directly to Salesforce and an Outreach sequence without having to go to multiple tabs. In short, LeadIQ looked like a game-changer. 

LivePerson ran a proof of concept with LeadIQ to see if it was the right fit for the team. The company measured the additional data coverage they would get with LeadIQ, as well as much faster SDRs would be able to prospect. This improvement saved SDRs measurable time. This benefit, as well as the expanded data coverage, made LeadIQ an easy choice. 

Helping SDRs Book More Meetings and Generate More Pipeline

The implementation process was painless and easy, as LeadIQ’s dedicated implementation team helped configure settings and train the SDR team. When asked how the support has been since implementation, System Analyst Matthew Crennan said “Anytime we have a question, we get answers fast from our Customer Success Manager. It’s been a great experience.”

Once LeadIQ was up and running, the SDR team saw immediate success when used alongside LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The new process significantly cut down the prospecting time, allowing SDRs to prospect more leads in their target accounts. SDRs also began finding more verified emails and direct dials on their ICPs, allowing them to convert leads to conversations with greater success than before. 

After witnessing the great results achieved by LivePerson's partnership with LeadIQ, the company expanded its usage to their global SDR team and some of their AEs. As Matthew Crennan shares, “The functionality and ease of use made it a no-brainer to expand to the entire team.” 

Overall, LeadIQ’s ability to help LivePerson achieve greater data coverage and prospecting efficiency has led to greater pipeline generation–a material increase from the previous year. It’s proved itself to be a valuable tool in LivePerson’s prospecting kit. 

“Using LeadIQ dramatically changed the way that I prospect. When I am on Linkedin Sales Navigator with the LeadIQ’s extension it allows for seamless integration to and from my CRM and my Sales Engagement Platform (Outreach) with a click of a button. I am also able to keep myself organized with my leads with the campaign feature inside of the LeadIQ platform. I don’t know how I could go back to using another tool as a seller.” - SDR Team Lead

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