Winning the inbox: How to create outbound sequences that convert

Personalization, crafting eye-catching subject lines, writing persuasive CTAs, and effective follow-ups. When building outbound sequences that convert, there is so much to consider. That's why we brought in experts from Gong and Inveterate to share their knowledge on creating B2B sequences that convert. Watch our latest event on demand to ensure sellers "win the inbox" and stay top of mind for your buyers.

Nate Robbins

Director of Sales Development, Gong

Jack Doheny

Account Executive, Full Cycle, Inveterate

Brianne Shelley

Mid-Market Account Executive, LeadIQ

Millie Brooks

Director of Digital Marketing & Demand Gen at LeadIQ

This webinar will teach you:

  • How to incorporate personalization and create attention-grabbing subject lines and CTAs that drive action

  • Best practices for optimizing email deliverability while avoiding spam trigger words

  • Metrics to track and A/B tests to run for continual improvement and optimization

Watch on-demand