Evolving Sales Development

Sales development teams are an essential part of any company that wants to increase revenue and growth. However, with the constantly evolving landscape of technology and consumer behavior, sales development teams must adapt to meet the changing needs of the market. SDR teams will need to focus on building strong relationships with customers through personalized, authentic communication. They will also need to be data-driven, using analytics and automation to optimize their sales processes and strategies. As remote work becomes more prevalent, sales development teams will also need to be able to collaborate effectively across distance and time zones. Join Sales Development experts Jessica Nelson (LeadIQ), Nathan Steele (Owler) James Barton (Venafi), and moderator Erin Jones (Auctane) as they discuss how to Evolve Sales Dev in our new world.

Jessica Nelson

Sr. Director of Sales Development, Stream

Nathan Steele

Head of Customer Success, Owler

Erin Jones

Head of North America Sales and Customer Development, Auctane

James Barton

Head of Global Sales Development, Venafi

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This webinar will teach you:

  • What advice and training would you give to a new SDR to set them up for success in building pipeline and revenue.

  • Why organizations should invest heavily in front-line SDR managers and leaders

  • Should we be updating metrics used to determine SDR success

Table of Contents

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