Proven prospecting: SDR workflows and strategies that deliver pipeline

It's never been more challenging for SDRs to build pipeline. Old prospecting habits need to be reinvented to stay in the game. We've invited SDR managers and leaders to share their workflow strategies, best practices, and tips that have helped their sales teams stay productive and hit quota. You don't want to miss out on their expertise! This webinar is for you if:

Joey Williams

Director, Sales Development, Chili Piper

Jessica Nelson

Sr. Director of Sales Development, LeadIQ

Tony de Leon

Director of SDR, Evisort

Alex Carlson

SDR Manager, LeadIQ

Millie Brooks

Director of Digital Marketing & Demand Gen at LeadIQ

This webinar will teach you:

  • Your SDR team spends more time on admin activities and tool hopping than prospecting.

  • You're looking to streamline and standardize your prospecting process.

  • You need a better outbound process to generate pipeline and keep crucial data in-sync across your sales tech stack in today's challenging market

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