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January 4, 2023

LeadIQ release notes roundup: A look back at 2022

What kept us so busy in 2022? Lots of feature enhancements, tons of product improvements, and a few huge new capabilities.
Melissa Malacaria
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Welcome to the new year — and to LeadIQ’s Release Notes Roundup! 

We were super busy this past year, and as we enter into a new one, we wanted to take a moment to thank our customers and users for the continued support. Without you and your valued feedback, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love doing most: building a reliable prospecting platform you can count on. 

What kept us so busy last year? Lots of feature enhancements, tons of product improvements, and a few huge new capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at these goodies.

New capabilities

Effective prospecting requires more than data alone. We believe sellers also need to know when to reach out to buyers — and what to say. So we built capabilities that do just that.


Scribe is our AI-powered message generator. It composes complete, personalized sales messages for you in seconds. Simply add your prospect’s email address, pick your value proposition, select your insights — and choose your favorite message from the three options Scribe provides. Our AI learns as you use it, helping you track prospect behavior, open and response rates, and much more. 

Learn more about Scribe »


Track allows you to monitor key sales triggers — all in one place — by surfacing relevant sales triggers like job changes and company news. You can integrate this capability with your favorite CRM and follow your contacts independently of their original account. Tailor your insights by customizing and filtering triggers most likely to indicate a future buyer, expand into an account, follow a former customer to a new company, and build stronger relationships.

Learn more about Track »


Core to what we do, this capability helps you find and sync contact data for your prospects in seconds, giving your team more time for selling. Begin your search — and your outreach — directly from LeadIQ and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Just choose the sequence or cadence, and LeadIQ creates or updates the record in your CRM and sales engagement tools.

Learn more about Identify »


Refresh eliminates incomplete and outdated Salesforce records by enriching records with 40+ data points, including company location, employee count, revenue, and more. This add-on enhances your inbound leads instantly, so your workflows and routing work faster, feeding sales reps more leads and providing a complete picture so sales can better qualify leads. 

Learn more about Refresh »

New features & product enhancements

We are always updating and enhancing our core capabilities to ensure you’re getting the most out of the LeadIQ platform. Check out some of the great stuff we introduced in 2022: 

Salesforce status mapping 

We introduced Salesforce Status Mapping, where LeadIQ users can surface the status of an account or contact in the Identify extension. LeadIQ Admins can map fields and customize field labels on the LeadIQ configuration page. 

Custom enrichment rules

With this release, customers can create custom filters to enrich specific Account, Lead, and Contact objects within Salesforce.

Bulk account updates

We added the ability to bulk update accounts when duplicates are detected. Upon selection of an account, users can extend that selection to all users who have the same account choices.

Updated record ownership changes

We added a new Salesforce configuration setting enabling LeadIQ Admins to choose to update ownership of a record to the SDR who updated it through LeadIQ capture.

Group governance setting

We added a group governance setting that allows LeadIQ Admins to prevent LeadIQ from creating records in Salesforce if no matching record exists or if the record was initially created in Salesforce.

Manager user role

We added a Manager user type to Groups. Now, any LeadIQ Admin can designate a user as a Manager in user Groups. Managers can be added to any number of groups, and any number of managers can be added to a single group. The Manager user type can manage user activities for group members that he manages. This user type can access group dashboards and reports as well.

New insight: LinkedIn activity (posts and shared)

A new Activity tab within LinkedIn has been added to introduce new insights for posts authored and shared by a prospect; this tab includes three sub-tab categories:

  • Posts: content authored by prospects
  • Shared: content authored by other LinkedIn users shared by the prospect
  • All Activities: 10 most recent results from both Posts and Shared

Integrations and group info for super admins

There is now more information in the Superadmin Team panel, including which integrations users are connected to (Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot, Salesloft and if a user has been added to a group.

Captured by column in campaigns

Admins will know which leads a user has captured as well as the date of capture. This column has been added to My Team’s Leads and is included in CSV exports. 

Select leads across all pages in campaigns

Users can select all pages in a campaign and submit up to 5,000 unlock requests or move up to 3,000 leads.

Performance improvements 

Profile rendering time in the Identify extension is now 2.5 times faster. 


And there you have it — our 2022 year-in-review!  So what’s coming in 2023? Subscribe to our customer newsletter and follow our Product Updates posts in our Help Center to stay on top of all our newest releases as they happen. 

We look forward to a new year of prospecting smarter into 2023 and beyond. Cheers!