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August 28, 2023

iOS 17 for sales: New iOS features that are useful for sellers

We don't normally talk about iPhone updates, but we noticed iOS 17 is introducing a few new features that could impact your prospecting and sales strategy.
Anthony Mennie
Marketing Manager
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Long-time readers of our blog might be surprised to come across a post that examines the latest iPhone updates. 

But since we’re committed to helping sellers cover more ground and achieve increasingly better business outcomes — and we noticed that iOS 17 has some new iPhone features that could impact how reps sell and network — we figured it made perfect sense to highlight some of the ways we believe the new operating system can increase each SaaS seller’s effectiveness (assuming, of course, they’re using an iPhone!).

Keep reading to learn more about five key iPhone features for sellers in iOS 17 — slated for release in September — and how you can put them to work to win more business.

These new iPhone features could change the way you prospect and sell with iOS 17

While the overall iOS market share is 28.36% worldwide, that figure more than doubles to 57.39% in the United States. That being the case, there’s a good chance many of your prospects are using an iPhone — and that you are, too. That being the case, we’re guessing that  you’ll be thrilled to learn about these five impressive features that ship with iOS 17.

1. Live voicemail

Let’s start with the feature that can have the biggest impact on your cold-calling strategy out of the gate: live voicemail, which enables folks to send calls to voicemail and see a live transcript of the message as the caller is leaving it.

For years, sales reps have embraced the strategy of leaving voicemails during prospecting. While voicemail transcripts have been around for a while, prospects that have iPhones will now be able to see a live transcript of the message you’re leaving them in real time. While many folks might send calls to voicemail without a second thought, this feature now increases the chances someone will pick up your call while the voicemail is being left while reading what you have to say in real time; this capability simply didn’t exist until now.

Making the most out of this feature starts with honing your cold calling and voicemail skills. Your goal should be to convince someone reading your message to pick up the phone while you’re leaving it. 

Whenever you’re leaving a voicemail while cold calling, it’s important to be concise, personalize your message, start strong, provide value, and create curiosity. Each voicemail should also include a call to action as well as your contact information so recipients know what step to take next.

2. Contact Posters

With iOS 17, you can express yourself to prospects and colleagues by creating a personalized Contact Poster that shows up on folks’ devices when you give them a call. Your Contact Poster can include photos, Memojis, and whatever font you prefer. Plus, you can customize color schemes to make your poster more eye-catching. 

Just like optimizing your LinkedIn profile can make a great first impression, Contact Posters can help you start conversations off on the right foot. By spending some time creating a unique and engaging Contact Poster that highlights your personality and what you’re all about, you can create an exciting visual identity that invokes curiosity and makes your cold calls stand out from everyone else’s, which can lead to more conversions.

3. AirDrop improvements

AirDrop is a wireless service in iOS that enables users to transfer information to one another when they’re nearby. If you have an iPhone or an Apple Watch, you can use AirDrop to send and receive photos, documents, contact information, and Contact Posters with prospects who also have iPhones or Apple Watches.

The latest AirDrop improvements also make it easier than ever to share files during networking events and meetings. Whether you want to send someone a deck or piece of sales collateral — or simply share contact information — all you need to do is bump your phones together. It’s an easy, frictionless way to pass information along to prospects that can work wonders at conferences, trade shows, and other events, enabling you to connect with more people faster.

4. FaceTime messages

iOS 17 also enables you to leave video messages when a recipient doesn’t answer your FaceTime call. To be sure, this one could be controversial; we don’t want to make cold FaceTiming a thing, do we? After all, receiving unexpected text messages from salespeople can sometimes come across as too intrusive. However, if you’re strategic with your text messaging outreach, the medium provides yet another touchpoint that can help you close more deals.

Consider incorporating FaceTime messages into your prospecting workflows similar to the way you might use video messages from services like Vidyard and BombBomb. In theory, you can now leave video messages directly with each prospect while cold calling. Since humans are visual creatures, prospects may be more persuasive to engage with your outreach when they can see your face than they would be by simply hearing your voice. 

If you use this tactic, do so at your own peril. The last thing you want to do is turn off a prospective buyer by being overly aggressive.

5. Mental health update

In today’s fast-paced business world, SaaS sales can be stressful. iOS 17 will include some new features designed to optimize mental health. While this might not directly impact your prospecting strategy, you can’t be on top of your sales game if you’re struggling with mental health issues and are unwell.

At the end of the day, making sure you address your mental health is just as important as keeping yourself physically healthy. As you go about your day-to-day, make sure you take time to put yourself first. This update to the health app seems like a great way to get deeper insights into your mental health and start tracking how you feel over time. 

Which new iPhone features for sellers are you most excited about?

The best SaaS sellers are always looking for new tactics that help them close more deals. When iOS 17 is released next month, spend some time exploring the new features to see whether it makes sense to incorporate them into your prospecting efforts. You never know when a few small adjustments to your strategy will end up paying massive dividends. 

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