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March 6, 2023

LeadIQ expands mobile data coverage to more than 49 million contacts

LeadIQ continues to focus on adding the data our customers need. That's why we're focused on building a smarter database that helps teams build more pipeline in today's market.
Mitch Comstock
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In years past, we used to talk about why sales teams need multiple data providers and how LeadIQ’s workflow and data are great supplements to your current provider.

But the market has changed. Tech consolidation is happening across the board, especially when it comes to the sales tech stack. Finding value and eliminating redundancies has never been more important for sales leaders as they look to navigate our uncertain future.

LeadIQ has heard these concerns from customers — and delivering a complete prospecting platform that makes it easier than ever to build pipeline.

This is why we’ve invested in new capabilities like Scribe, our AI writer built and trained specifically for sales outreach. But we haven’t forgotten about our roots. No matter what tools you use, at its core, building pipeline requires accurate and available data for the buyers you need to reach.

LeadIQ nearly doubles its mobile coverage, from 25 million to 49.25 million

You read that right. Now customers have access to over 49 million mobile phone numbers with LeadIQ, with a large percentage of this increase coming from the US market. This major increase now puts us on par with the other major US data providers at a lower price point.

Look, we know historically that LeadIQ wasn’t always the best for getting mobile phone numbers. That’s why a lot of our customers used to use us in tandem with ZoomInfo or another data provider.

But this increase in mobile number coverage is leading our customers to trust us as their sole data provider to support their sales team. This means more connections, more conversations, and more success from cold calls — all from one platform.

When you pair more mobile numbers with our new capabilities that help reps send the right message to the right person at the right time, and you have a platform that enables sales teams to consistently hit their number.

Building a smarter database at LeadIQ

You probably know that ZoomInfo has the largest database in the market. They’ve been at it a long time and it’s certainly an impressive feat!

But does a large database actually help your team if it isn’t focused on your ideal buyers? Or if that information is only updated every 6 months (at best)?

Prospecting has changed. And data providers need to catch up to meet sales teams' needs.

Data providers like to talk about how large their databases are. But when it comes to evaluating which provider is right for you, it only really matters if they have data for your ideal customer profile (ICP) and your ideal buyers.

That’s why at LeadIQ we are focused on building a smarter database to help sales teams build more pipeline in today’s market. 

A smarter database. What does that actually mean? It means we’re building our database in a new way, taking steps to ensure the data we source is actually valuable to our customers.  

  • We leverage a variety of publicly available data sources, data providers, and data aggregators to improve the quantity, quality, and accuracy of our data
  • We take a trust but verify approach to data, using public domain and social media to corroborate that people still in fact work at a company/role for higher accuracy
  • We monitor who customers are searching for, to prioritize re-verification to ensure continued accuracy
  • We proactively and reactively source new data based on customer searches, filling in data gaps on high-search ICPs
  • We built a dedicated Data Operations team that is focused on researching and integrating new public data sources and vendors based on our customer's needs

Basically: We’re building our database so our customers can build pipeline and hit their numbers by finding their ICP and ideal buyers more reliably.

Continued investment in growing our data, smarter

In 2023, LeadIQ is positioned to make even more strides in building a smarter database. 

It starts with onboarding our first Data Operations team. With a focus on data research, this team will help us find and validate new data partners as well as integrating LeadIQ with publicly available data sources. 

We are continuing to focus on adding data our customers need. In addition to continued investment in our US data, our Data Operations team is also investigating new additions to our EMEA data.   

With most legacy data providers, database building is costly, manual, and can lead to poor data quality, or worse, compliance issues. 

We’re also putting a big emphasis on improving and automating how LeadIQ integrates data. By focusing on streamlined and automated workflows for data ingestion, it allows us to offer the LeadIQ prospecting platform at a competitive price for our customers. And that’s what we’re after.