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June 8, 2023

New Integration: Gong Engage

Gong Engage is reimagining sales engagement with AI and a deep integration with LeadIQ that allows you to automatically capture contact information.
Mitch Comstock
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Peanut butter and jelly. Campfires and smores. LeadIQ and Gong.

Some things just go better together. Back in November, LeadIQ and Gong announced a partnership to offer a new, integrated solution that helps customer-facing teams drive more sales pipeline and close more deals at an unbeatable price. 

This partnership has blossomed since then, leading to new integrations and dozens of customers like QuickBase and Boast Capital are taking advantage of this new partnership. 

This partnership has just gotten even better with LeadIQ’s newest integration into Gong’s new Engage platform.

Gong Engage reimagines sales engagement AI

Gong Enage streamlines sales engagement by delivering AI-based sales guidance from the first touchpoint with a prospect to deal close to help reps efficiently create and accelerate pipeline. Engage’s contextual, account-based approach for prospecting and selling exceeds the limitations of traditional lead-based tools that take a spray and pray approach. Instead, it delivers a complete understanding of an account including all touchpoints, relevant CRM information and conversational history through features including... Recommended Contacts...and Buying Signals. 

Our newest integration with Gong Engage in action

LeadIQ’s mission is to partner and integrate with best-in-class sales tools, enabling a more efficient and seamless prospecting process for sellers. 

We are one of the first providers to integrate into this new exciting engagement platform. With our integration, LeadIQ and Gong Engage users can find, capture, and sync contact data directly to their Gong flows from a single tab, with just one click. This saves massive amounts of time and headaches for sellers, letting them spend more time actually selling each week. 

This isn’t just a plug & play integration either. LeadIQ’s robust CRM integration settings help check the box for your IT and RevOps team. Move data to your CRM and flows as you see fit, helping ensure data hygiene and compliance.

Automatically capture contact data in Gong Engage with LeadIQ

Automatically capture and sync contact data without Leaving Gong Engage
Automatically capture and sync contact data without Leaving Gong Engage

This new integration expands on the already tight product partnership between LeadIQ and Gong. Co-customers are already benefiting from Lead Recommendations in the Gong Deals capability. This feature will automatically suggest leads for every deal being worked, and allow users to automatically capture contact data for them from LeadIQ. This helps sellers multi-thread their opportunities and ensure the right buyers are involved for higher close rates.

Accelerate your pipeline with LeadIQ + Gong

This partnership will continue to grow through new offers and product integrations. To learn more about LeadIQ’s integration visit Or visit to learn how you can take advantage of this deal.