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RetailKentucky, United States51-200 Employees

From the sales staff in the retail locations to the employees at the warehouse, you will find musicians and players who perform in and around the community. 95% of the company workers play and/or teach music. Here, you will find employees whose skills extend outside of the workplace. We are committed.

We strive to provide the customer with the best possible service. Your experience in our stores and on our website should be memorable. We pride ourselves on making it right.

We are family oriented. For over 116 years, Willis Music has been a family owned business. Some of the current employees have even been with the company over 30 of those years. Not only do we have families at home, but Willis Music is our family too.

Here at Willis Music we are friends, family, musicians, specialists and community members. Our passion for music drives us to be successful every minute of every day. We feel that our obligation is to pass along our musical knowledge and expertise to you.

Mission Statement
ƒocus on People
Offer the Highest Value in Quality Product and Services
Reach Potential through Empowerment
Tradition of Integrity
Enrich Lives by Encouraging Music Participation
for-te (for ‘ tÓ) n.
1. Something in which one excels.
2. Music-adv. & adj., Played in a loud, strong manner. Growing.
3. Adv. & adj., Emphasis and attention.

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  • United States Of America


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  • Kenya

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Willis Music Company known for?

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Willis Music Company was founded in 1899 operates in the Retail industry. The company's main headquarters is located in 7380 Industrial Rd Florence, Kentucky 41042 US; you can contact the main corporate office by phone at +1-513-777-7474. Explore Willis Music Company 's company overview page for more information.

What is Willis Music Company 's most common email format?

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Willis Music Company employees' email format typically follows the pattern of firstl@willismusic.com. Trying to find reliable and up-to-date employee contact data? Find more Willis Music Company email formats with LeadIQ.

How many employees does Willis Music Company have currently?

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Willis Music Company has approximately 28 employees as of March 2020. These team members are located across 2 continents, including North AmericaAfrica.

Who are Willis Music Company 's key employees and leadership?

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As of March 2020, Willis Music Company 's key employees include:

  • Ceo: K. C.
  • Partner: B. W.
  • Vp: P. F.
  • Vice President: H. D.
  • Social Media Director: J. P.

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