The modern prospecting workflow

Pop quiz: Why do sales teams struggle? Answer: Because traditional prospecting methods need reinvention. That’s why we built a platform that addresses the most common problems found in sales. Not to brag, but we’ve done our homework on how to prospect. This guide will talk about what’s wrong with prospecting these days and explain why our platform is so revolutionary and necessary. Expect plenty of helpful tips and practical examples along the way.

This ebook will teach you:

  • How to eliminate tab and tool hopping

    Your sellers spend too much time each day clicking between screens. They’re frustrated by the design and functionality—or lack thereof—of their tools.

  • How to keep your data clean and actionable across your tech stack

    Trying to decipher stale vs fresh data is like playing the early 90s game Minesweeper, and feels similarly dated.

  • How to maximize time and effort to increase prospecting productivity

    LeadIQ allows SDR teams to do more with less. Learn how you can maximize efficiency through territories, boundaries, data governance and more.

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