Navigate your sales team through the recession

Understand software's current predicament, identify adjustment strategies, and develop ways to protect your sales team from the chaos.

This guide will teach you:

  • How to keep customers

    Current customers are 5x less expensive to keep than new ones are to gain. Sales can help drive customer retention by keeping in touch with contacts for cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.

  • How to identify proven adjustment strategies

    The average sales team uses 9 applications to book a meeting. LeadIQ trims the fat to capture ideal customer profiles, connect applications to refresh data, and prioritize actions based on sales triggers.

  • How to find new prospects

    Cold email and cold call success rates are even lower in economic downturns. McKinsey says, "companies that excel at personalization drive 40% more revenue than average players." See how your team can drive more revenue by personalizing outbound at scale.

This guide will teach you about:

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