LeadIQ offers a sales prospecting platform to increase sales productivity. We provide an efficient way to capture the contact information of new leads from public profiles, enrich existing leads on our customer’s CRM and build accurate prospecting lists. We maintain a database of verified contact information for over 100 million professionals.

GDPR & LeadIQ’s Database 

What categories of EU personal data is processed and why? 

LeadIQ is the controller of business contact information on our database which our customers can access for B2B outreach. The categories of personal data include full name, job title, contact email and telephone, city, company profile. We do not process any sensitive information. LeadIQ is also a processor for our customers when they use our platform to build their prospecting list containing contact information.

How does LeadIQ obtain the business contact information?

LeadIQ obtains this information from various sources:

  1. Public information compiled from one or multiple websites.
  2. Information licenced from our partners, who in turn have either obtained the information from public sources or their trusted partners.
  3. Contributions made by users in our community database.

What is LeadIQ’s lawful basis under GDPR for processing this personal data?

The personal data processed on our database is necessary for our legitimate interest to collate and make available business contact information as part of our service offering to our customers and to facilitate B2B commerce. This has limited impact on an individual’s private life and their personal interests, rights and freedoms.

Does LeadIQ share the personal data with third parties?

LeadIQ shares the personal data on our database with our customers as part of our service offering. When this data is made available to our customers, they become controllers of that data. LeadIQ also uses the services of third party providers that will process personal data on our behalf. To ensure compliance with GDPR, we have put in place Data Processing Agreements. LeadIQ never shares the personal information of its customers.

How does LeadIQ keep this information secure?

Please see our Information Security Policy

Can individuals request access to their personal data?

Yes. Please visit our Privacy Center.  You can also contact us at support@leadiq.com.

Can individuals request erasure or rectification of their personal data, as well as restrict or object to the processing of their personal data?

Yes. Please visit our Privacy Center.  You can also contact us at support@leadiq.com.

For more information about the personal information that LeadIQ collects and processes, please see our Privacy Policy. 

GDPR & LeadIQ’s Customers

LeadIQ’s customers have obligations under GDPR and also the ePrivacy Directive when they collect and then use the business contact information to prospect sales leads. We have put together the “GDPR - Checklist for sales teams” article to help our customers comply with their privacy obligations in Europe.