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How a 4,000+ employee company drove its total booked meetings up by 232%

Increase in total booked meetings
Increase in call conversions
Increase in sales qualified leads
Seats added after 3 month trial


An award-winning cloud Communication-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) company working out of Silicon Valley boasted an impressive resume before onboarding LeadIQ. The company employs over 4,500 people worldwide, with exponential growth over its 13-year tenure as a leading tech company. With nearly 800 sales professionals and 300 in the sales development role, this CPaaS company has established itself as a leader in outbound sales.


How LeadIQ Helped Expand Outbound Sales While Improving Prospecting Efforts

In March of 2020, this CPaaS company found itself in a situation similar to other companies that wanted to expand their outbound efforts, while also face-to-face with the new challenges brought on by the pandemic. Suddenly, it was no longer possible to reach most prospects at their work desks due to work-from-home orders. The company needed a tool that could help sales connect to the right people, by providing accurate mobile phone numbers for prospects. Meanwhile, the pandemic also made the company’s tool platform more sought after than ever, leading to a huge growth spurt where they hired hundreds of sales professionals, doubling their numbers over the course of 2020. These new team members needed to fill their pipeline, and fast.

Like many companies that depend largely on inbound sales processes, this company initially had a relatively small SDR team of fewer than 20 people total. These sales reps’ primary tools were ZoomInfo or, depending upon the region. While these tools helped the sales reps with their daily tasks, the overall lack of consistency resulted in inconsistent or incomplete intelligence, with duplicates being an issue and territory management remaining unclear. What’s more, the multiple territories meant that the company lacked clear best practices for prospecting. It was easy for important information to be mislaid in a forgotten Excel file or sticky note. A clear sales process with an efficient workflow and unified data would surely help the company as it embarked on its new outbound-driven initiative. Specifically, LeadIQ would free up sales reps from low-value activities so that they can put more energy into high-value activities, in order to achieve better prospecting results.



An award-winning cloud communication platform as a service (CPaaS) company wanted to expand and improve its outbound efforts, through a tool that prioritized workflows, was easy to use, provided necessary data, and could scale.



Unify a small yet global sales team with a tool that provides accurate prospecting information, freeing up team member’s time for high-value activities. This process was enabled by a three-month trial, granting the company room to witness the product’s value, even as COVID-19 heightened the urgency of their outbound efforts.



Outstanding results caused the company to secure an additional 400+ seats as part of its unprecedented outbound sales efforts that relied heavily on AEs, thus pioneering a new path forward for sales.

Intuitive interface with clear workflow makes it a team favorite

The company’s new outbound team was primarily comprised of account executives, who were spread out across diverse geographies that were onboarded to the tool one region at a time. ZoomInfo and had combined platforms at this point, enabling LeadIQ to continue as a go-to solution for complementing these other prospecting tools. The feedback from users was unanimously positive: not only was the tool easy to use and freed up considerable time in a workday, but the ZoomInfo integration pushed data coverage from just over 50% using the legacy tool, to 83% using both tools. As the company expands its global presence and outbound program, it continues to leverage LeadIQ, onboarding its usage for 400+ seats and counting.

Rapid deployment with high impact and easily scalable results

When the company first connected with LeadIQ, it decided it would be best to explore LeadIQ’s capabilities in a trial period. This approach granted the company the room it needed to get familiar with the product, while determining its long-term needs. The company knew that LeadIQ’s ease of implementation and intuitive interface would resonate well with its team, while also paving the way for future expansion. LeadIQ provided the company’s current team of SDRs access to the platform. These users discovered that the tool not only worked well alongside their pre-existing tools (ZoomInfo and, but also led to immediate and impressive results. Within a few months, the company found:

Calls made
eARR pipeline
Gatekeeper connections

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