Building outbound sequences that convert (Part 2)

Building outbound sequences that convert to pipeline takes a lot of planning, work, and testing. So much so we couldn't cover everything in just one event! This past July, we chatted with sales development experts and AEs to share their knowledge of building sequences, creating eye-catching subject lines, personalizing messaging, and writing the best CTAs. This time, we will dive deeper into all of the fantastic questions we had from our attendees and cover some new topics that we didn't have time for.

Jack Doheny

Account Executive, Full Cycle, Inveterate

Nate Robbins

Director of Sales Development, Gong

Joe Calabrese

Enterprise Sales Development Manager, LeanData

Joerg Koehler

VP of Marketing, LeadIQ

This webinar will teach you:

  • How to manage domain reputation and develop an inbox warmup strategy to improve email deliverability

  • Metrics for success: What you should be tracking to improve

  • Best practices for segmenting sequences based on persona, touchpoints, or sales triggers for targeted outreach

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