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December 7, 2021

10 free sales tools to supercharge sales prospecting

Looking for the best sales tools in 2024? Whether you’re looking for sales prospecting software or lead tracking software, we’ve got you covered.
Anthony Mennie
Marketing Manager
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Key Takeaways

  • The list includes tools for prospecting, meeting scheduling, graphic design, CRMs, and sales intelligence platforms.
  • These tools enhance various aspects of sales processes, from outreach and relationship building to managing partnerships and tracking company information — whether you’re an enterprise sales team or a team of one, you never know all the new tools are out there!
  • All salestools mentioned offer free tiers, making them accessible for teams looking to explore new tools without having to ask for budget or the company card.

Everyone loves free stuff. Seriously — I used to work for a local radio station, and all the things that people would do for a free t-shirt continue to blow my mind.

With LeadIQ launching our own free plan (yes we know, shameless plug. You can see details below or get started here), now seems the perfect time to share some of our favorite free online sales tools. These options can help you do everything from prospecting and outreach to scheduling meetings and closing deals.

At the time this blog post was published, all of the online tools on this list had a 100% completely free tier available for you to check out, not just a free trial period. Of course, seeing how nothing in life is permanent, we’ll try to periodically update this list to make sure we’re providing you with up-to-date information.

Happy prospecting!

Top Online Sales Tools for Prospecting [2024 Update]

Vidyard: video prospecting

If you haven’t incorporated video into your outreach yet, you should seriously get on board. Video prospecting doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, Vidyard makes it incredibly easy. Use this free tool to record your screen, webcam, or both—no fancy pants recording equipment necessary.

Zoom - Online Meetings with AI

When a product becomes the nickname for an entire generation (i.e. “Zoomers”), it’s probably worth checking out. Now ubiquitous with video calls and conferencing, Zoom is the go-to product for scheduling sales calls. Why? Because video is much more personal than talking over the phone, making it the strongest choice for remote work.

Calendly - Meeting Scheduler

Tired of sending several emails to book a single meeting? Calendly makes the process astoundingly simple. Simply send a Calendly link, and the recipient selects a meeting slot that works with your schedule. Just make sure your personal calendar is up-to-date, you’ll avoid those endless email exchanges. Easy peasy.

Canva - Design Sales Material

How can a free graphic design platform help you with sales? By ensuring that your social media presence has a professional look. Canva allows you to easily create LinkedIn background photos or image-based posts, with little to no graphic design experience. A ton of free templates and design elements are at your disposal. Just make sure you don't make marketing mad by going off brand!

Crossbeam - Discover & Manage Sales Partnerships

Crossbeam offers everything you need to build and grow a partner ecosystem. Ditch those spreadsheets and instantly sync your data with unlimited partners for free. Yup, unlimited partners, data, users, and overlaps—all available free of charge.

Hubspot CRM - Join Sales & Marketing

Another big name on this list, Hubspot is one of the few CRMs that offers free CRM tools, such as: contact management, analyzing website activity, organizing deals, and scheduling tasks/activities. The paid plan offers even more options, but the marketing capabilities that come with the basic CRM plan are guaranteed to do right by you.

Owler - Industry Insights

The perfect tool for keeping tabs on companies you’re interested in prospecting, Owler can help you conduct vital research including sector, location, and employee count. Your Owler newsfeed can be used to track social posts, news stories, funding announcements, and more. You can also use Owler to keep a track of your competitors and use the information for competitive sales plays. Bonus alert: this company’s free plan allows you to follow up to five companies at a time.

PandaDoc - Digital Signatures

PandaDoc is a great resource to upload and send documents that are ready for e-signatures. The free plan allows you to send an unlimited number of documents for legally binding eSignatures. You can also use the tool to collect a payment, making it a handy tool for performing those essential functions for closing a deal.

Magical - AI Productivity App

A fantastic Chrome extension for expanding text. Magical can save you hours of time each week by allowing you to create sa;es shortcuts of text you commonly use. No longer do you have to remember Zoom links, email addresses, or FAQs about your company and product. Simply create your shortcuts and Magical will fill in the blanks.

LeadIQ - Target & Understand Prospects

We’d be remiss to leave ourselves off our list of favorite tools. LeadIQ’s free plan allows you and your team to find and capture verified leads. You can then sync those details with other sales tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach, or Google Sheets. The free program starts you out with 15 credits per week, with the option to earn additional credits by inviting coworkers or adding integrations.

LeadIQ users have found that they are able to significantly reduce the amount of time spent doing boring, manual, repetitive sales busywork, like adding contacts to a CRM. Save time by prospecting smarter and sign up for LeadIQ for free today, no credit card required.