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April 3, 2024

8 buyer intent data tools B2B sales teams should know about

Getting better sales results starts with incorporating intent data into your prospecting flows. Learn about 8 popular third-party intent data providers and how they can help your team soar to new heights.
Anthony Mennie
Marketing Manager
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B2B buyer intent data tools can transform the way your sales team operates. 

Very simply, intent data enables sales and marketing teams to better understand what customers are thinking by tracking their activities as they make their way through your sales funnel and research your products and services. By keeping tabs on things like website visits, gated asset downloads, and webinar attendance, sales teams can focus on prospects that match their ideal customer profile (ICP) and are more likely to convert because they’ve already expressed interest that they’re ready to buy.

Keep reading to learn more about B2B intent data, along with some of the most popular third-party intent data tools on the market today.

What is B2B intent data?

B2B intent data refers to behavioral signals and online activities that demonstrate a potential customer’s  interest or need for a product or service. If someone is repeatedly returning to your company’s website to look at your collateral, chances are that person is in the market for whatever it is you sell. An engineering manager, for example, who’s looking at AI tools designed to accelerate the coding process is highly likely thinking about deploying new dev tools in the near future.

These tools can help B2B marketers and sales teams identify companies to target. They can also be used to set up lead scoring and discover upsell opportunities for existing customers.

There are three different types of intent data:

  • First-party data, which refers to the data that’s gathered directly from the digital channels your company owns — like website visits, email marketing engagement, form fills, and product usage metrics.
  • Second-party data, which is collected from partner websites, comarketing initiatives, and customer review platforms like G2 and Trust Radius; at LeadIQ, we refer to this as “borrowed intent” because it’s borrowed from a first party.
  • Third-party data, also called “searched intent,” which is sourced from third-party intent data providers and offers a more complete view of market trends, customer sentiments, and industry activity. 

To get the clearest picture of your customers, you need to leverage a combination of these data sources. To make that process easier, let’s examine some of the more popular third-party intent data providers on the market today.

The best third-party intent data tools

Thinking about investing in third-party buyer intent data tools? Here’s a quick overview of eight of the best B2B intent data providers on the market today.

1. Demandbase

Demandbase is a comprehensive account-based marketing (ABM) and go-to-market (GTM) platform designed to help businesses identify, target, and engage with high-value accounts. It offers advanced targeting capabilities, personalized messaging, and detailed account insights to deliver tailored experiences throughout the buyer journey.

With Demandbase, marketers can orchestrate multi-channel campaigns, optimize ad spend, and measure campaign effectiveness, leading to higher engagement and improved conversion rates. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Demandbase ingests 1 trillion signals each month, enhancing them to give teams an even clearer picture of activity.

Key features

  • Support for 133 different languages, tracking intent all over the world
  • Ability to easily find and prioritize accounts 
  • Integration with Outreach, Salesloft, G2, Drift, Pardot, Marketo, and more


  • Professional, Enterprise, and Elite pricing tiers for Demandbase One™ 
  • Options to buy intent data a la carte
  • Free trial
  • Pricing information available upon request
  • Demandbase offers a pricing calculator that can give you a better idea of how much you can expect the platform to cost

2. 6sense

6sense is a predictive analytics and ABM platform that leverages artificial intelligence to identify and prioritize potential buyers. It provides insights into buyer behavior and intent signals, allowing marketers and sales teams to deliver personalized content and orchestrate targeted campaigns across multiple channels. 

With 6sense, businesses can align sales and marketing efforts, identify new opportunities, and drive revenue growth through data-driven strategies. According to the company, 6sense analyzes more than 500 billion intent signals each month.

Key features

  • Predictive analytics and AI-powered buyer intent detection
  • Personalized content delivery and campaign orchestration across channels
  • Data enrichment 


  • Pricing information available upon request

3. Bombora

Bombora is a leading provider of intent data, offering insights into buyer interest and behavior based on online interactions. It tracks content consumption patterns and engagement signals across the web, enabling marketers to identify accounts showing active purchase intent.

Using Bombora’s intent data, businesses can prioritize leads, personalize outreach efforts, and improve overall campaign effectiveness by targeting prospects at the right time with the right message.

Key features

  • Identification of accounts showing purchase intent
  • Tracks buyer journey across 5,000+ premium B2B websites
  • Targeted outreach and personalized messaging based on intent signals


  • Pricing information available upon request

4. G2

G2 is a popular software review platform that provides user-generated reviews, ratings, and insights about various business software solutions. It offers comprehensive information about software features, pricing, and customer satisfaction, helping buyers make informed purchasing decisions.

Businesses can leverage G2 to showcase their products, collect customer feedback, and gain visibility in the marketplace, ultimately driving sales and building brand credibility. Since G2 attracts users to review all sorts of products, it also captures buyer intent data, which companies can use to start conversations at the most opportune times.

Key features

  • User-generated reviews, ratings, and insights on business software from 90 million users
  • Comprehensive information about software features, pricing, and customer satisfaction
  • Integration with 40+ CRM, marketing automation, and sales engagement tools


  • Free basic plan 
  • Buyer intent add-on module
  • Pricing information available upon request

5. Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a powerful lead generation tool that identifies anonymous website visitors and provides detailed company profiles. It tracks visitor interactions, such as page views and downloads, and matches them to existing company records to reveal potential prospects. 

With Lead Forensics, businesses can access real-time lead intelligence, prioritize high-value accounts, and engage with prospects proactively to drive sales and revenue growth.

Key features

  • Identification of anonymous website visitors and detailed company profiles
  • Tracking of visitor interactions and engagement signals 
  • Real-time lead intelligence and proactive engagement opportunities


  • Free trial
  • Pricing information available upon request
  • Two plans: Essential and Automate

6. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a website tracking tool that helps businesses identify and engage with potential leads. It tracks anonymous website visitors, matches them to company profiles, and provides insights into their behavior and interests.

Leadfeeder integrates with CRM systems and marketing automation platforms, enabling businesses to capture and follow up on leads more effectively, ultimately improving lead conversion rates and ROI on marketing efforts.

Key features

  • Website visitor tracking and identification of potential leads
  • Integration with CRM systems and marketing automation platforms, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot
  • Improved lead conversion rates 


  • Free tier (data from the last seven days only)
  • Paid, starting at $99/month
  • Free trial

7. Foundry ABM

Foundry ABM is an account-based marketing platform that empowers teams to identify and target high-value accounts with precision. Owned by IDG, it offers advanced targeting capabilities, personalized messaging, and multi-channel campaign orchestration tools to engage prospects throughout the buyer journey.

Using Foundry ABM’s intent data, businesses can align sales and marketing efforts, drive account engagement, and accelerate revenue growth through strategic ABM initiatives. 

Key features

  • Account-based marketing platform for high-value accounts
  • Advanced targeting and personalized messaging
  • Multi-channel campaign orchestration and optimization tools


  • Pricing is dependent on specific use case
  • Pricing information available upon request

8. Uplead

Uplead is a B2B lead generation platform that provides access to a database of verified business contacts. It allows users to build targeted prospect lists based on various criteria, including industry, company size, and job title, and enrich contact information for more effective outreach. 

With Uplead, businesses can streamline lead generation efforts, improve lead quality, and maximize sales opportunities — ultimately driving business growth and success.

Key features

  • Access to a database of verified B2B business contacts
  • Real-time email verification
  • Integration with Zapier, Salesforce, HubSpot, Milkshake, Outreach, and more


  • Free trial
  • Essentials, $99/month
  • Plus, $199/month
  • Professional, pricing available upon request

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