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December 19, 2023

G2: LeadIQ Is the Easiest Sales Intelligence Platform to Implement

Winter 2024 G2 reports are out and once again LeadIQ leads the way for implementation and results for sales intelligence.
Dani Kellogg
Head of Product Marketing
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G2, the peer-to-peer software review site, recently unveiled its Winter 2024 Badges, and LeadIQ earned a ton of accolades, being mentioned in a whopping 130 reports across several categories, including Sales Intelligence, Lead Capture, Lead Intelligence, and AI Writing Assistants.

In particular, we’re incredibly proud to have earned these badges:

  • #1 in the sales intelligence implementation index,
  • #1 in the AI writing assistant implementation index: mid-market and 
  • #3 in the sales intelligence platform results index.

While LeadIQ has always been dedicated to providing accurate B2B contact data, we’re also keen on helping sales teams improve workflows and processes and making our platform easy to use and adopt. 

Altogether, this helps us deliver rapid ROI to our customers — a top priority. 

What are G2 reviews?

In case you’re unfamiliar, G2 reviews are written by real-world software users. 

The platform exists to help software buyers make informed decisions by reading authentic insights about various solutions shared by folks who actually use the software. 

We’ve built a great relationship with G2 over the years, earning numerous badges along the way. We are particularly proud of our Spring 2023 award for Best Estimated ROI: Mid-Market, and we look forward to continuing to ride the momentum into the Winter and beyond!

What our badges mean & how they deliver value to teams like yours

While we’re super amped about these awards, we’re even more excited about what they mean for our customers.

#1 in the sales intelligence implementation index

A company might build the best software solution the world has ever seen. But if it takes six months to two years to implement it, is it really that great?

We’ve engineered LeadIQ to be incredibly easy to deploy at organizations big and small. Earning the top award in this category is absolutely awesome, as it speaks to LeadIQ’s ease of setup and quick implementation time, which leads to higher user adoption.

When software takes forever to install, costs increase as companies have to spend more time and resources on deployment than they originally planned. At the same time, long installation timelines also mean it takes longer for companies to experience the benefits the solution ostensibly offers, delaying ROI and making it harder to adapt to evolving business needs. 

Plus, software that takes too long to install also frustrates users, which can have a terrible impact on usage.

Since swift and effective implementation is crucial to stay competitive and agile in today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, we’re very proud to have won this category.

#1 in the AI writing assistant implementation results index: mid-market

Generative AI has been all the rage for the past year. But not every generative AI writing tool is created equal. We’re happy that the G2 community has let the world know that our AI email writer, Scribe, is the top choice for generative AI for mid-market enterprises. 

LeadIQ earned the gold medal in this category as users agreed Scribe was easy to set up, fast to implement, and well-received by employees, with high user adoption rates.

At its core, Scribe makes it easy for sales reps to personalize emails. According to our data, reps can personalize emails 80% faster using Scribe, increasing response rates for the first message in your cadence by an impressive 102%.

Haven’t had the chance to use Scribe just yet? 

When you’re ready to try AI for sales, schedule a demo so you can see how easily it is to achieve personalization at scale with your existing workflows and sales engagement platforms.

#3 in the sales intelligence platform results index

The G2 community agreed that we were one of the best sales intelligence platform options in terms of actual business results. Tons of users said they were likely to recommend LeadIQ, that it met their business requirements, and that it helped them achieve ROI.

In many ways, this is what’s most important. 

We’re so happy to build software that helps sales teams accomplish more every day!

Huge thanks to our customers — and our team

This news wouldn’t be possible without our incredible user community. Thanks so much to all our customers for trusting in us, using LeadIQ to do great work, and taking the time to tell the world how you feel about our product on G2.

It also wouldn’t be possible without our team.

“I’m extremely proud of our professional services and customer success teams for our G2 wins in implementation and ROI,” says Ariah Curtis, customer implementation team lead at LeadIQ. “Special shoutout to our implementation specialists, Krista Humbles and Dillon Wood, for their commitment to providing awesome customer experiences and constantly iterating with this ever-changing environment.” 

We’d also like to highlight our amazing product and UX teams, which work tirelessly to make LeadIQ easy to deploy and easy for sales reps to use productively.

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