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September 20, 2023

14 Google Chrome extensions our SDR team can’t prospect without

From prospecting to cold emailing — discover the best Chrome extensions for sales teams in 2024.
Alex Carlson
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Key Takeaways

  • We’re sharing 14 of the top Chrome extensions to increase sales efficiency, including LinkedIn for lead generation, LeadIQ for syncing contact data to CRMs, and Salesforce’s extension for real-time sales insights.
  • These tools are designed to streamline various sales processes, from lead capture and engagement to email tracking and meeting scheduling, directly within the Chrome browser.
  • Each extension serves a specific function—ranging from creating personalized video messages to automating content sharing, helping sales teams optimize their entire workflow.

The world of SaaS sales moves faster every day. To get ahead, reps need to do everything they can to set the pace — not catch up to it.

At LeadIQ, our sales development reps make liberal use of Chrome extensions to save time and get more done every day.

To help your team do the same, we put together this list of 14 Chrome extensions for prospecting that our team either currently uses or has used in the past to accelerate their sales efforts.

But first: How to install a Chrome extension

Installing Chrome extensions is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store
  2. Search for the extension you’re interested in
  3. Click ‘Add to Chrome’ to install the extension
  4. Grant the extension permissions (if applicable)

If you’re interested in any of the extensions and sales tools outlined in this post, we’ve taken care of the first two steps for you; just click the link at the bottom of each description and you’ll land at the third step.

Best Chrome extensions for sales teams: Our favorites

Without further ado, here are 14 Chrome extensions for prospecting that our team can’t live without.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a foundational application for all SaaS sales teams. This extension automatically alerts you when you receive a new notification; click on the icon and go directly to LinkedIn to see new activity.

Common uses for sales reps: 

  • Profile viewing and analytics. View LinkedIn account profiles and analytics on who has viewed your own LinkedIn profile.
  • Lead generation and prospecting. Users can identify and research prospects and buyers in their ICP or territories for more personalized outreach.
  • Automation and efficiency. The extension offers automation tools for tasks like sending connection requests, message sequences, and follow-up reminders, streamlining networking and outreach efforts.

Download the LinkedIn Chrome extension.

2. LeadIQ

LeadIQ helps you get contact information from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and sync that data to CRMs and other sales engagement tools. This results in better workflows, less jumping between tabs, and an easier time pulling insights about prospects (e.g., recent posts, podcasts, and other information that can help you better personalize outreach). 

Common use for sales reps:

  • Lead generation and enrichment. LeadIQ acts as a LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension, allowing users to quickly find and capture high-quality contact information while browsing, including email addresses and phone numbers.
  • CRM and tech stack integration. Users can sync the leads they collect into popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales engagement tools in a single click, streamlining their sales workflow.
  • Personalization research. The Chrome extension automatically pulls insights about prospects — such as recent social media activity, job changes, podcast appearances, company announcements, and more — for use in personalized outreach. With the extension installed, these insights can be used to generate personalized messages using AI directly within Gmail, Outreach, SalesLoft, and Gong Engage. 

Download the LeadIQ Chrome extension.

3. Salesforce

As the leading CRM, Salesforce plays a crucial role in SDR workflows. This extension enables reps to create and automatically update Salesforce records directly in Chrome, view engagement alerts in real time, and complete various tasks — like sending emails or LinkedIn messages — without visiting

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Real-time sales insights. Access real-time customer and lead information within Chrome, helping you stay up-to-date on key details, opportunities, and interactions.

Email Tracking. The extension offers email tracking capabilities, enabling salespeople to monitor when recipients open their emails and engage with content.

Download the Salesforce Chrome extension.

(Pro tip: While you’re at it, check out Salesforce’s other extensions: Engage for Gmail and Lightning Extension.)

4. HubSpot Sales

If you use HubSpot for your CRM, add this extension to Chrome to connect HubSpot to Gmail, enabling you to surface more leads faster, engage with them, and accelerate deal-making. 

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Prospect and lead management. The HubSpot Chrome extension allows salespeople to easily capture and organize leads from websites, social media, and emails.
  • Email tracking and templates. Sales professionals can track email opens and clicks in real time. They can also create and use email templates directly within their Gmail accounts.
  • Task and meeting scheduling. The extension enables users to schedule tasks and meetings, set reminders, and access their HubSpot calendar directly from their Chrome browser, helping salespeople stay organized and on top of their sales activities.

Download the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension.

5. Outreach Everywhere

Outreach is a powerful sales engagement tool our SDRs use all the time. Add this extension to Chrome to improve communication inside Gmail and become more effective in Salesforce with emailing and calling.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Seamless outreach integration: Engage with prospects and leads directly from websites and online platforms, such as LinkedIn, by initiating email sequences, calls, and other actions right from their browser.
  • ​​Real-time engagement tracking: The extension provides real-time tracking of email opens, link clicks, and other prospect interactions.

Download the Outreach Everywhere Chrome extension.

6. SalesLoft Connect

Our SDR team also uses Salesloft for sales engagement. This extension makes it easier to keep tabs on communications, dial directly from Chrome, and add people to workflows in Salesforce, Gmail, and Outlook.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Prospect and lead engagement. Engage with prospects and leads directly from a Gmail inbox, making it easy to initiate and track email sequences and sales activities without switching between platforms.
  • Personalized outreach. The extension offers email templates and cadence management.

Download the SalesLoft Connect Chrome extension.

7. Highspot for Chrome

As a sales enablement platform, Highspot makes it easier to ensure reps have the resources they need to sell effectively. This extension, which integrates with CRMs, enables users to pull content directly from Highspot for use on sales automation and social media platforms.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Content access and recommendations. Provides easy access to relevant sales content, such as presentations, documents, and videos, directly from their browser.
  • Content sharing and tracking. Salespeople can share content with leads and prospects through email or other communication channels while tracking engagement metrics.

Download the Highspot for Chrome extension.

8. Chili Piper

Chili Piper helps SDR teams book meetings faster while ensuring those meetings are attended with automated reminders and one-click rescheduling capabilities. This extension lets reps schedule meetings directly from Salesforce, Outreach, and SalesLoft — either for themselves or for their colleagues.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Appointment scheduling. Schedule appointments and meetings directly from email or websites, simplifying the booking process and ensuring accurate scheduling.

  • Lead routing and qualification. Sales teams can use the extension to route leads to the right sales reps based on criteria like location, industry, or lead source.

Download the Chili Piper Chrome extension.

9. Zoom

SaaS sales teams spend inordinate amounts of time inside Zoom. Adding this extension to Chrome enables reps to schedule Zoom meetings from Google Calendar or spin up a meeting in the moment.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Quick meeting scheduling. Easily schedule and host Zoom meetings directly from Chrome.

  • Enhanced meeting controls. Manage Zoom meetings and access important features like screen sharing, chat, and participant management without leaving the Chrome browser.

Download the Zoom Chrome extension.

10. Vidyard

The Vidyard extension enables reps to record their screens and webcams right from Chrome and easily share those recordings as links via email, social media, and Slack. Plus, reps receive automatic notifications whenever someone views their content.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Personalized video outreach. Create and share personalized video messages directly from Chrome, allowing for more engaging and tailored communication with prospects and clients.

  • Video analytics and tracking. The extension provides analytics on video views and engagement, helping salespeople gauge the effectiveness of their video content.

Download the Vidyard Chrome extension.

11. Grammarly

Need a little extra help making sure your copy is grammatically correct and engaging? Add Grammarly to Chrome. The extension also includes an AI writing tool that can help you speed up content creation.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Professional communication. Unsure of your writing skills? Use Grammarly to make sure emails and proposals are error-free.

  • Efficient proofreading. Leverage real-time proofreading and grammar suggestions.

Download the Grammarly Chrome extension.

12. Magical

Magical is another generative AI tool that enables you to create messages, emails, and responses for any website or application. This extension also lets you create and save templates, helping you cover more ground in less time.

Common uses for sales reps: 

  • Save time with text expansion. Tired of remembering or typing Zoom links, calendar URLs, and value props? Save templates and use shortcuts for things you commonly write.

AI-powered writing. While Magical isn’t focused on outbound prospecting like LeadIQ Scribe, you can still use it to write or automate repetitive tasks.

Download the Magical Chrome extension.

13. Storylane

Storylane enables you to build interactive product demos in just a few clicks. This extension automatically captures screenshots, videos, and clicks to build product demos, which you can then customize, publish, and share.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Building killer demos. Capture your product instantly and showcase its best features to your prospects and buyers. 
  • Custom demos. This extension works to auto-personalize product demos and change text, graphs, images, and more with one click — all without bothering your product team.

Download the Storylane Chrome extension.

14. Postal

Postal lets you send customers direct mail and gifts directly from your Chrome browser. Add this extension to Chrome to discover items, add and edit contacts, and track orders without hopping outside the tools you use every day.

Common uses for sales reps:

  • Personalized direct mail campaign. Send personalized direct mail — such as printed postcards or gifts — to create memorable and impactful outreach to leads and clients.
  • Integration sales workflows. Integrate physical mail into existing sales processes, automating the sending of direct mail based on triggers or events.

Download the Postal Chrome extension.

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