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September 21, 2023

LeadIQ Leads G2 America’s Regional Grid for Lead Capture & Intelligence

Leaves might be starting to fall, but LeadIQ G2 rankings certainly are not! We're happy to announce 25 Fall 2023 G2 badges including several first-place awards in sales intelligence, lead capture, and lead intelligence.
Anthony Mennie
Marketing Manager
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We’re super excited to share some awesome news: LeadIQ was awarded 25 Fall 2023 G2 Badges — including several first-place awards in sales intelligence, lead capture, and lead intelligence — and we also appear in 91 G2 reports!

Building off our momentum from the Spring and Summer, this incredible recognition further highlights our commitment to sourcing and continually verifying data that our customers will actually use instead of focusing on amassing as much data as we possibly can.

G2 Badges are given to products that are identified as top performers in G2 market reports. Of the 25 awards we earned, here are some notable highlights:

  • #1 Implementation Index for Sales Intelligence
  • #1 Mid-Market Results Index for Lead Capture
  • #1 Mid-Market Implementation Index for Lead Intelligence
  • #1 Mid-Market Implementation Index for Lead Capture
  • #2 Americas Regional Grid Report for Lead Capture
  • #4 Grid Report for Lead Capture
  • #4 Mid Market Grid Report for Lead Capture

What exactly do these awards mean? Let’s take a look.

Sales intelligence

G2 defines sales intelligence software as technology that enables companies to use data to improve sales effectiveness. Sales intelligence software helps organizations improve the quality and quantity of leads by leveraging B2B contact database information to engage with prospects on a more personal level. To qualify for an award in this category, a solution must:

  • Deliver information about prospects that can be enriched with other business data
  • Enable companies to identify potential leads by searching for them based on custom criteria or equipping sales reps with predictive insights based on predefined trigger events
  • Provide accurate contact information, like phone numbers and email addresses
  • Integrate with other tools that sales teams use — including business intelligence and analytics solutions

Lead capture

According to G2, lead capture software is designed to help organizations surface new sales opportunities. Sales reps use lead capture tools to identify new potential customers by leveraging data collected from multiple sources. To qualify for an award, a lead capture solution must:

  • Enable users to create lists of potential customers using relevant data collected about them
  • Let users capture leads across multiple devices and mediums, including email, websites, social media, and events
  • Allow reps to import and export data in various formats, including plain text and spreadsheets
  • Integrate with popular sales and marketing tools so that data flows freely between systems

Lead intelligence

G2 describes lead intelligence software as technology that provides organizations with clean, verified information that can either validate a company’s existing information or enrich it. This helps sales teams accelerate lead generation by providing assistance for lead mining and capture to lead scoring and nurturing. To qualify for an award, a solution must:

  • Automate the process of verifying organizational customer data
  • Enable users to combine their data with what’s provided by the software, with filtering and list-building functionality
  • Let companies evaluate new business opportunities by analyzing internal and external data
  • Integrate with popular sales and marketing tools, including CRMs, marketing automation, and analytics solutions

What our customers are saying about LeadIQ

To get a better idea of why LeadIQ earned these awards, let’s take a look at some of the real-world reviews our users have left on G2.

High-quality data

LeadIQ has been a game-changer for Thomas, who was particularly impressed by LeadIQ’s robust data sets, which are “superior to ZoomInfo.”

“LeadIQ is solving the fact that sales development folks have multiple source data systems that need updating constantly and simultaneously,” he wrote. “The fact that LeadIQ integrates within multiple SaaS environments when capturing leads saves a ton of time when prospecting, allowing SDRs to focus on the dollar-creating activities.” 

Ease of use

Alexa G. is delighted by how easy it is to use LeadIQ, its sleek interface, and the autofill capabilities which help save time.

“LeadIQ helps me move prospects from LinkedIn or Sales Navigator into other tools like Outreach, Salesforce, or Groove,” she wrote. “This benefits me by saving time and also auto-filling contact information I otherwise would spend time looking for.”

Time savings

Biswajit D. is impressed by LeadIQ’s feature-rich nature, as well as how it helps him save a ton of time, too.

“It helps me in capturing leads very fast,” he wrote. “If required, you can capture multiple leads at one go, which is indeed very beneficial for me as it saves time. Also, the bounce rate of email is improving tremendously day [by] day.”

Contact tracking

While one anonymous user started leveraging LeadIQ to grab contact information from prospects, they’ve recently started using the platform’s contact tracking capabilities to accelerate their sales efforts.

“I started using their ‘Track’ tool to see people who recently joined [or] were promoted,” the user wrote. “This has helped me target new decision-makers and expand my touch on target accounts.” 

Data and integrations

Like other users, James J. is particularly impressed by LeadIQ’s integration capabilities, which enable him to easily port data from one system to the next and maintain an actionable single source of truth.

“LeadIQ’s integration process with Salesforce, SalesLoft, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator made my lead prospecting and research process so much easier,” James wrote. “This ensures that all prospect data is up-to-date and readily accessible.” 

See what all the fuss is about!

Huge thanks to all our customers for taking the time to review LeadIQ on G2! Without your help, this recognition would not be possible.

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