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December 21, 2023

LeadIQ Scribe voted Best AI Sales Tool in 2023 by the Tenbound user community

We're thrilled to announce that LeadIQ Scribe was voted "Best AI Sales Tool" by the Tenbound Sales Community for the 2023 BEAST Awards.
Anthony Mennie
Marketing Manager
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If you’re a GTM leader looking to increase your team’s output and impact, you’ll be happy to learn that LeadIQ has the best AI sales tool on the market today — Scribe, our generative AI email writing tool — according to the Tenbound user community. 

Scribe recently won Tenbound’s 2023 BEAST Award for best AI sales tool; BEAST Awards are given to vendors who’ve earned the trust and admiration of real-world users, who vote to determine the best sales technology on the market. 

“Sales technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace,” said David Dulany, Tenbound founder and CEO, in a blog post announcing the winners. “The Tenbound BEAST Awards represent the best of the best in this exciting industry, the top-rated technology out there performing at the highest level in our field, voted on by actual users and buyers of the solutions.”

Other Tenbound BEAST Award winners include Loom for video prospecting, Outreach for sales engagement, and Drift for conversational marketing. 

In other words, we’re in great company.

On its own, earning a best sales tech award due to support from our user community is an incredible accolade. But it’s even more exciting coming fresh on the heels of G2 giving LeadIQ several awards in its Winter 2024 reports, including naming us the easiest sales intelligence platform to implement.

What is Scribe?

At LeadIQ, we’re all about helping GTM teams accomplish more every day — which is why we couldn’t be more thrilled to find out that our users are singing the praises of Scribe.

In case you’re new to Scribe, it’s our generative AI writing tool for sales that helps reps and GTM teams personalize messages in just a few seconds within the sales engagement platforms your team already uses. 

In an age where less than 1% of cold emails receive a response, shooting out generic emails to prospects without personalization is a non-starter.

How does Scribe work?

When we say you can use Scribe to personalize messages in a couple of seconds, we mean it. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the recipient info. All you need to do is type the prospect’s email address or paste their LinkedIn profile URL and click the Search LeadIQ button.
  1. Select the persona. Let us know whether the prospect is in the C-suite, on the RevOps team, in sales development, an account executive, a business development rep, or a sales rep.
  1. Select your value prop. Indicate which specific message you’re going to use in your prospecting — whether it’s about your product or one of your prospect’s challenges that you solve for.
  1. Choose the insight and generate a message and subject. After three quick steps, it’s time to generate your message. Browse available insights — like LinkedIn activity, company news, education, 10-K report summaries, podcasts, or earnings calls — and choose up to three of them. Next, click a button, and Scribe spits out a few messages and subjects you can copy and paste. Don’t like the drafts? No problem. Click “Regenerate Messages” and review new copy.

Personalization in just a few clicks — what’s not to like? With the right approach, you should see metrics like open and response rates improve.

And get this: Our AI learns as time goes on. Users can give a thumbs up 👍 to drafts they love and a thumbs down 👎 to drafts that miss the mark. Scribe also learns what works best based on open rates and response rates, so the tool performs better and better with every email you send. Fantastic.

Using LeadIQ Scribe in our web application. Scribe also works within your favorite sales tools including Salesloft, Outreach, and Gmail.

What are the benefits of Scribe?

Why should GTM teams use Scribe? Easy

  • You don’t hire sellers to spend all day writing. Take writing off your team’s plate with the ability to produce well-written drafts that align with your value prop in just a few clicks. Use the messages exactly as they are written or as a starting point to personalize further. The best part? Scribe learns your preferences and writing style the more you use it.
  • You can personalize outreach at scale. Create eye-catching intros and demonstrate how you solve unique pain points that truly resonate with your prospect — again, all in a few clicks.
  • You can build more pipeline. By giving sales reps more time to focus on what they do best — selling — your team can get more responses, book more meetings, and build more pipeline.

How can I start using Scribe?

Here’s the best part: You can start using Scribe pretty much right now. All you need to do is add the Chrome extension to your browser.