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LinkedIn Sales Navigator: pricing & value [2024 Update]

Here's a look at LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing so you can decide which tier and features are right for your sales team.
April 28, 2022
Last updated:
April 28, 2022
Elisia Guerena

Key Takeaways

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Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three pricing tiers: Core ($99.99/month), Advanced ($169.99/month), and Advanced Plus (price on request), with discounts available for annual payments or for larger sales teams.
  • Linkedin Core features include unlimited searches, advanced search filters, and integration with sales tools like Outlook and Salesforce.
  • The Advanced and Advanced Plus plans offer enhanced networking capabilities, smart link sharing, CRM syncing, and ROI reporting for enterprise users.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a staple in any sales rep’s tool belt. The software offers research capabilities that enhance the prospecting efforts of sales professionals. The insights gained from LinkedIn Sales Navigator help reps hone their audience and personalize their outreach, making it a must-have for sales teams that want to boost their prospecting efforts.

What makes the tool both unique and powerful is its specificity. Whereas other research tools may deliver outdated or partial information, LinkedIn Sales Navigator pulls data straight from its users. That means you have the most current and accurate information on your prospects, delivered straight from the user-operated source.

That said, LinkedIn Sales Navigator delivers more advanced features than the regular LinkedIn tool by building an isolated feed of prospects and target accounts. Sales reps are always up to date on their target accounts and able to access relevant data.

It’s common knowledge that sales teams invested in success use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. As one expert user of the tool says, “Only LinkedIn offers real-time, dynamic data that is self-managed by users who are motivated to keep their profile info accurate. And only Sales Navigator enables sales teams to tap into the full extent and power of that data.”

The question isn’t if you should be using LinkedIn Sales Navigator–it’s what version. Here’s a breakdown of LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing and features to help you choose the right option.

Screenshot of LinkedIn Sales Navigator features for Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus tiers

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core: pricing and top features

The basic and most cost-effective plan for LinkedIn Sales Navigator is $99.99 per user per month (plus applicable taxes and fees). If you choose their annual plan, the total is $959.88 a year (plus applicable taxes and fees) which is a 20% discount from their monthly subscription. This plan is best for individuals who are just starting out in sales. It includes these noteworthy features:

  • Unlimited searches capabilities and the ability to save searches
  • Advanced search options with filters that help you find the right leads and accounts, as well as a spotlight that shows the people most likely to engage with you
  • Data-driven recommendations on who you should engage with
  • Alerts on lead and account activities
  • Integration with other sales tools, including Outlook and LeadIQ

A free trial is available, and you can sign up for InMail for an additional $50 a month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced: pricing and additional features

Advanced LinkedIn Sales Navigator is priced at $169.99 a month per user, or $1,620.00 billed annually (a ~23% savings compared to monthly billing) plus applicable taxes and fees.

This tier is well suited for sales teams that want to build their client relationships through expanded networking capabilities. It includes all the same prospecting features of the Core plan, as well as:

  • The ability to engage with any prospects and customers that are within two or three degrees of your team’s network
  • Advanced outreach capabilities through Smart Links, which allow you to bundle relevant sales content, such as a video or product overview, into a trackable link that is easily shared through any channel. You’ll also receive alerts each time someone engages with a link you send them.
  • Integration with SNAP, LinkedIn's directory to partner applications

This plan also includes a free trial and the ability to cancel at any time. You can also buy more than one seat at a time and share with your sales team members.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus: pricing and premium additional features

Advanced Plus is the next step up for Sales Navigator, which includes all the features of the Advanced plan, with the added bonus of being able to sync with CRMs Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

This function delivers extras such as ROI reporting and assigning seats according to a user’s role with the CRM. By having access to more focused insights, users can access top-tier better prospecting results. This tool is best for enterprise users, with pricing available upon request – and unlike the rest of the options discussed here, Linkedin Sales Navigator Advanced Plus has no free trial.

How to increase the value of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for you & your sales team

LeadIQ offers extensive resources on how to effectively use LinkedIn Sales Navigator. That said, here’s some nutshell-version advice for you to pocket as you set out to prospect.

  • Know how to capture, export, and prospect your LinkedIn Connections: LeadIQ allows you to capture leads and export them into your CRM with the tap of a few buttons. It’s really that simple.
  • Hone your prospecting strategy for better outcomes: Personalizing your outreach, working with multiple channels, and understanding InMail best practices can vault your prospecting efforts to maximum levels. Read up on effective ways to do all three.
  • Convert LinkedIn Likes to leads: Every time someone engages with your content on LinkedIn, they’re lead-qualified.

To learn more about LeadIQ and how it works with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, pay us a visit at, where you can browse the LeadIQ Blog or read customer success stories.