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November 22, 2023

Track job change signals with AI using our new Salesloft Rhythm integration

Here’s how the new and improved Salesloft and LeadIQ integration gives sales teams the data and insights they need to hit their numbers by leveraging job change signals and AI.
Dani Kellogg
Head of Product Marketing
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At LeadIQ, we’re all about helping sales teams cover more ground more efficiently and achieve better and better results over time. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new integration with Salesloft Rhythm, a signal-to-action engine that transforms buyer behavior into recommended seller actions.

In the world of pipeline development and prospecting, the traditional approach was straightforward: You’d put together a list of target accounts, launch a calling and email campaign, and be persistent until you booked a meeting.

For years, this approach worked really well. But times have changed. 

With outbound call and email volumes shooting through the roof and leading email providers like Gmail and Yahoo on the precipice of rolling out stricter email volume limits and spam rules, the old playbook is no longer sufficient - spray and pray is out. 

In an effort to help sales and GTM teams increase their effectiveness and become more strategic in their approach to outbound sequences, we’ve extended our existing Salesloft integration with Rhythm.

This improved integration gives sales reps the data and insights they need to hit their numbers every time by ensuring they’re reaching out to the right people with the right message at the most opportune time. 

At Saleslove on Tour in Austin, Texas, LeadIQ Co-Founder and CEO Mei Siauw announced the new integration, which gives sales reps the tools they need to close more deals in the ever-evolving fast-paced world of B2B SaaS sales.

The way we see it, sales teams need three things to unlock outbound pipeline generation:

  1. Precise identification, to find the right targets and sales signals (e.g., website visits, job change signals for past champions and predictive insights with AI).
  1. Seamless activation, enabling  your reps to action those sales triggers at the right time.
  1. Automation, which enables teams to act more efficiently.

If you can execute these three things, you’ll be able to continue doing outbound pipeline development more efficiently. Giving reps the ability to track job changes and sales triggers directly within Salesloft, is precisely what this new integration accomplishes.

Leveraging LeadIQ's Salesloft Rhythm Integration, sales teams can push job change signals from LeadIQ Track directly to your Rhythm Live Feed.

What is Salesloft Rhythm?

Salesloft Rhythm is a signal-to-action engine that provides sales reps with a list of actions they should take based on what’s most likely to help them build pipeline and close deals. By consolidating buyer signals in one place and recommending the most effective and impactful actions they should take, Rhythm helps sales teams close deals faster.

With Salesloft Rhythm, teams can:

  • Use AI to automatically prioritize tasks that are most closely related to hitting revenue goals,
  • Map real-time buyer signals to next steps to continue deal momentum, and
  • Leverage a single source of truth with a tool that integrates seamlessly with your CRM.
Salesloft Admins can leverage templates and AI to define automated notifications and specific actions they want sellers to take when job change signals are received from LeadIQ.

How can users of LeadIQ and Salesloft take advantage of this AI-powered integration?

Using the existing Salesloft integration, LeadIQ users can capture and sync contact data and add leads and contacts into Salesloft with minimal effort. The new Rhythm integration extends these capabilities by empowering users to track job changes within Salesloft.

Here’s how the LeadIQ Salesloft Rhythm integration works:

  • Set up the integration to export job change signals from LeadIQ Track to Salesloft Rhythm.

  • Once that’s done, your Rhythm feed will be populated with account-based job change signals from LeadIQ Track.
  • Salesloft admins can create templates and leverage AI to define automated notifications and actions they want their sellers to take as part of their outbound and follow-up strategy.

Looking ahead, we plan to enhance this integration further by letting sales teams pipe contact-based job tracking signals into Rhythm. Stay tuned!

At Saleslove, LeadIQ COO Ben Kwon argued that pipeline generation is one of the hardest aspects of sales, and that difficulty is only getting more pronounced in the current market where SaaS companies are facing increasing competition and dwindling budgets.

That being the case, being able to engage a would-be buyer in a personalized manner at the most opportune time is even more critical. 

“Identifying the right person at the right time with the right message is paramount to turning activity into action to be able to go from unread emails to unforgettable conversations,” Ben said.

And this is exactly what our new integration enables: the ability to transform unread emails into conversations that truly resonate. 

At the same time, the integration also helps reps take care of job duties with fewer clicks and less context switching, since both LeadIQ and Salesloft communicate and share information with each other.

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Over the years, LeadIQ and Salesloft have worked together to help sales teams work smarter and more effectively every day. 

We’re proud of what we’ve already accomplished, but our work isn’t done, and we’re even more excited about what the future has to bring.

If you’re looking to see how LeadIQ and Salesloft Rhythm can transform your prospecting workflows, you’re in luck. 

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